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Middlemarch : A Study of Provincial Life

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Middlemarch by George Eliot |

Review quote "No Victorian novel approaches Middlemarch in its width of reference, its intellectual power, or the imperturbable spaciousness of its narrative. During her girlhood, she went through a phase of evangelical piety, but her strong interest in philosophy and her friendship with religious freethinkers led to a break with orthodox religion.

When one of these friends married in , Mary Ann took over from his wife the task of translating D. After her father's death she settled in London and from to she served as a writer and editor of the Westminster Review, the organ of the Radical party. In London she met she met George Henry Lewes, a journalist and advanced thinker. Lewes was separated from his wife, who had had two sons by another man, but had been unable to obtain a divorce. In a step daring for Victorian times, Mary Ann Evans began living openly with Lewes in , in a union they both considered as sacred as a legal marriage and one that lasted until his death in The Modern Library is pleased to offer this official companion edition, complete with tie-in art and printed on acid-free paper.

The text of Middlemarch is that of the edition, the last corrected by the author.

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For this new edition, the text has been reset in a larger typeface for ease of reading. Edwards, Alan Mintz, T. A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are included. This panoramic work--considered the finest novel in English by many critics--offers a complex look at English provincial life at a crucial historical moment, and, at the same time, dramatizes and explores some of the most potent myths of Victorian literature.

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The text of this edition comes from the Clarendon Middlemarch, the first critical edition of the novel. Reviews "No Victorian novel approaches Middlemarch in its width of reference, its intellectual power, or the imperturbable spaciousness of its narrative. Pritchett From the Trade Paperback edition. The Constitution of the United States