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In her current position, she leads FSNE's efforts to make sure the healthy, fresh food that schools are working so hard to provide is getting the attention it deserves and into kids' bellies. She often thinks back to her childhood experiences in the cafeteria--the lunchroom can be a scary and stressful place! By developing cafeteria staff as leaders of school nutrition, and giving them the tools they need to make positive changes in their cafeterias, Chrissa hopes to play a part in transforming lunchrooms into the welcoming, nourishing environments that kids need.

Try asking one of our Experts. This is where you can find research-based information from America's land-grant universities enabled by eXtension. View publishing information about this page. Whichever route I choose, my FWS training will be a very good base as it is so deep and thorough at all levels. My FWS will be immensely helpful in furthering my wine consulting business, which I plan to relocate to the Pacific Northwest in the near future. Performing well in the FWS program has added a tangible level of confidence to my understanding of France, as well as giving me a host of resources to call upon as a member of the WSG through podcasts, webinars, pronunciation guides and reference materials.

The class has been great to help me plan my travels when visiting different wine regions. FWS is a beautifully constructed program. I was lucky to be able to enroll in the instructor led classroom program which at least for me is so much more beneficial than independent study. Ettore Donadeo, Bourgogne ML. With this program I finally feel I have a good understanding of Bourgogne, its history, geography, the stylistic differences between the villages.

Like many of the other Wine Scholar Guild courses I have obtained a more comprehensive understanding of the history of the regions. I found the program very comprehensive and rigorous, yet very well designed and approachable for people in the wine industry as well as serious aficionados. The French Wine Scholar program has not only deepened my knowledge of wine, but it has also steered my career path towards new and exciting opportunities.

I immensely enjoyed the program's layout, intensity and focus. It was very thorough and I feel much more confident in my French wine knowledge. The FWS program offered added substantial depth and focus to my knowledge of the great wines of France. FWS program is one of the most informative wine courses I have attended. The FWS program was the most enjoyable class on wine I have ever taken. I was delighted to find a wealth of online references and felt the guided lectures and study material intuitive and easy to follow. Italian Wine Scholar is not merely a wine course, but also a very interesting Italian wine and travel guide for me.

It enabled me to study during every minute of free time that I had. The FWS helped me to expand deepen my understanding of French wines, especially in regions I had not previously studied i. I must admit that your class was very informative and presented the material in a different way that I had studied before. I feel ready to answer just about any question I get about French wine from friends, family, or even my future wine exams. The quality of the program and instructors was outstanding. The FWS program has certainly peaked my interest in studying a specific region or regions of France in further depth.

Tanya Morning Star Darling. The master level programs in general make me a better teacher, and I hope will translate into more success for my students in not just the French Wine Scholar courses, but in all the classes I teach. The Italian Wine Scholar program has been instrumental in providing me with a level of knowledge that I simply had not been exposed to previously. The FWS program has helped me understand the region a lot better, so now I can choose more suitable wines for my classes and talk more confidently about the region.

My master-level studies forced me to explore in some depth topics that I had not concentrated on in my independent studies. I was very excited to study for the FWS exam. I view understanding France as a critical foundation of my wine journey.

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After taking many other classes I truly believe that the WSG ranks as the number one superior program. I initially took the Italian Wine Professional certification. This was definitely the most in-depth study program I have taken, and will be a model on which I approach future personal studies. The IWS course it has been just amazing. Thank you for providing this much-needed program. It exceeded my expectations! This course has been a great complement as it has deepened my knowledge in French wine, these being the utter-most influential. I felt that the WSET was a very good course but it covers the whole world of wine, including spirits.

The FWS program is a really full and complete program and brought me the very precise and detailed information. The knowledge that I gain from both the FWS and the IWS will certainly help me to rise to a higher level and achieve my goals and dreams. The Italian Wine Scholar program can only strengthen my standing as a wine enthusiast and aspiring sommelier particularly when my travels take me back to Europe.

After completing the FWS Program, I not only have a deeper knowledge of the wines of France, I have a more comprehensive foundation for all future wine study. To date, the French Wine Scholar course has been the best educational experience on this journey.

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I found the program to be thorough and rigorous, yet easy to follow and absorb. I've been able to better educate my crew and customers about French wine since the course. I am glad that I made the decision to take the Champagne ML exam, which is a step forward in achieving my dream in being a champagne specialist one day!

The IWS provided [ It was complete nirvana being immersed in the world of Italian wine. The Italian Wine Scholar opened up the vast world of Italian wine. It has given me confidence to better sell Italian wine. The FWS program will not doubt play a role in my future endeavours. I definitely plan to continue my future studies by taking advantage of the excellent programs offered by the Wine Scholar Guild.

Besides serving as a gateway to the wonderful world of French wine, I also met some wonderful people who have become good friends and with whom I can share my new-found passion for wine. The Master level program is different from the WSET and other programs as it teaches you to get the whole picture of the region with the history, geography and much more. FWS definitely helped my career in a big way.

Actually, FWS is quite helpful in my sommelier program study. For sure I can become the No. Upon completion of this course, I feel like I have a much better handle on the beauty and complexity of French Wines. French Wine Scholar was the logical source for diving deeply into French Wine. While pursuing this education, I also began a second career in the wine business. FWS is a great tool in any wine education pursuit.

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  • I highly recommend the program. Whether you are on the Somm or Wine Education path, FWS can aid in gaining deeper perspective into the main wine regions. FWS gives me the confidence to better approach French wines. I hope that FWS will aid me in my journey in spreading the knowledge of wines.

    It helps me to indulge in my passion for wine, but it also adds to the success of my business by providing me with additional credentials to further distinguish myself from my competitors. The Rhone ML program highly contributed to my studies. I have a special interest in the Rhone Valley and I now feel more confident with this great region.

    Chrissa Carlson, University of Maryland Extension

    I found that it is a more rounded program that teaches you to think — not just memorize. Given the value and enjoyment provided by the FWS program I have enrolled in the Burgundy Master-level program, and anticipate taking additional Masters-level programs. I enroll in FWS program because I wish to have more comprehensive, in-depth learning about the history, culture, styles of the wines, not just the tasting skills. My appreciation for French wines continues to increase in parallel with my knowledge and understanding. The fact that such great resources [,,,] were available and that the exam could be scheduled at my convenience were really fantastic attributes of the program.

    I am incredibly confident that my Master Level Champagne certification will assist me in my future studies both professionally and personally. Clearly, the FWS curriculum provided a much more intense knowledge of French wines than did the WSET3 level program and I feel as though I am starting to develop a foundation for knowing something about French wines. I am currently enrolled in the Provence ML and would very much like to do them all honestly. A very good in-depth exploration of the history and the geography of the regions.

    The webinar presentations were fabulous, very insightful, from experts in the region. Having visited the areas that I have studied or am studying does allow for a better context of the areas. The historical references are also very useful in putting everything in perspective. I really felt that Burgundy gave me the biggest fits when preparing for FWS, so I have decided to enroll in the Burgundy Master program.

    The FWS has delivered an in depth look at French wines and has expanded upon the foundation of my knowledge attained in other programs. FWS has given me a really in-depth knowledge of French wine, which is invaluable for my wine tutoring. The Provence Master Level Program, with its comprehensive content and opportunity to learn from such an expert as Elizabeth Gabay, has allowed me to develop a sound understanding and acute appreciation of the complexity of all that is Provencal. The online course was incredible, and I learned so much more than I anticipated! I had great instructors at The Napa Valley Wine Academy that helped bring it all together in an insightful and entertaining way.

    The French Wine Scholar program can only strengthen my standing as a French wine enthusiast and aspiring sommelier particularly when my travels take me back to France. I much appreciated the FWS for its framework, its access to a rich web-based material and its commendable efforts in maintaining an up to date package using authoritative sources.

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    The FWS course offers a real in depth approach of the French wines, with very accurate and useful materials both in paper and online, which allows to go further in the matter. Moreover, we had classes with a really knowledgeable and competent teacher.

    I aspire to become wine expert and specialist for French, Italian, and Spanish wines. The FWS program is very helpful, and I enjoyed studying it. The FWS program has given me the opportunity to solely study the French regions and its wines.

    Chrissa Carlson |

    Thanks to its up-to-date and often accurate study manual and materials, it has helped me filling various blanks of mine, useful for my WSET Level 4 Diploma studies. The FWS truly helped me grasp the complexity of French wine law and I am always referring back to the materials for review. I greatly appreciate the WSG for such solid educational resources! The Master-Level program allowed me to take a more general understanding of wine and focus on a specific area and type of wine.

    I love understanding how the history, natural attributes and culture of a given place shape its wines. The FWS program helped me to recognize the plethora of factors behind every glass of wine. I now look at wine and all its complexities through a more sophisticated lens. The ML programs are great because you force yourself to really double down on the finer points. The Master Level certificate is a great asset to any wine resume by adding another degree of accomplishment. Any wine educator should do one of these courses.

    Thanks to the Wine Scholar Guild I have the possibility to be a father, work and study at the same time. I would definitely do another course! The FWS program has been extremely interesting and it has complemented my knowledge about French wines tremendously. I think that the course was very well organized and extremely informative.

    This is what convinced me to enroll in the Italian Wine Scholar program. I really enjoyed taking the time to study one country in detail, and explore the many differences between each of the regions and within the regions. I have now enrolled in the Italian Wine Scholar course. I will be able to give FWS courses in the future as well and this will be a really great opportunity for my teaching career.

    The French Wine Scholar course was exactly what I was looking for. FWS complemented and enhanced my knowledge in French wines. It is an in-depth advance course, well-structured and comprehensive wine list, yet being taught in and very interactive way. The ML programme allowed me to focus more specifically on one region and delve deeper into the particulars of a single wine-producing region.

    The webinars were an especially helpful and enjoyable part of the course — the breadth of experience that is shared by the presenters was a definite highlight. The comprehensive material puts matters in perspective, provides not only structure but also the right wine vernacular for both my consultancy practice and my personal experience.

    There have been lots of interesting sessions in FWS like the vinicultural history, food pairing etc. I found that the Bordeaux Master Level program complemented much in my WSET Diploma Study as it digs much deeper than what this qualification expects and covers Bordeaux, my favorite wine region, completely.

    This program has taught me more than I could think of beforehand: I very much approve the depth of material the Champagne Master Level course went into. Every class offered by the Wine Scholar Guild will be a necessity when I start actively pursuing tougher accreditations down the road. Having studied and passed Alsace Master program I am now more confident in sharing my Alsace knowledge to wine lovers and I hope that Alsatian wines will sell better in Asia especially Taiwan!

    I have passed WSET level 2 and level 3. The FWS program was obviously more detailed given the narrower scope. The FWS program has been especially rewarding because of its accurate and updated information about all aspects of French wines. This is very useful as I in turn organize tastings and courses in Sweden to educate people about French wine. Anchoring the myriad details of AOC law within a larger, more interesting context, helps both my personal understanding and my ability to generate curiosity amongst my customers and staff.