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The method was then changed from a focus group to an individual in-depth interview with a male researcher. A semi-structured guide was used for the purpose to ensure uniformity. All participants were administered a mini-questionnaire prior to the interview for taking down the essential socio-demographic data.

The interviews were performed at the local family health centre. There was no table in the room and the interviewer and the interviewee sat on similar office chairs, at the same level, looking face to face. The interviews lasted min. After obtaining permission of the participants, a sound recording device was used. After each session, the interviewers took notes on what they observed and then the tapes were transcribed verbatim within 48 hours of the interviews. Key themes were identified and a coding frame was developed. The Word processing programme was used for data analysis. Results The age range of 33 subjects was years.

Of the total, 12 The subjects mostly were from the lower-middle socioeconomic level who had migrated to the city from small villages in search of stable lives. The quotes used in the text were chosen according to the themes that most appropriately defined the situation.

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In the parenthesis following quotes below, the age has been mentioned first, followed by the job of the participant, and finally the menopausal state of his wife. Turkish translations have been put in italics within parenthesis.

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Although there is no Turkish word for the term 'menopause', it is widely referred to as menopoza girmek among educated Turkish people which can be translated as "to enter menopause", but in our study if the men had never heard of the word menopoz it was rephrased and asked what they understood from Adet kesilmesi, or the "cessation of menses".

The first sentences were linked directly with the ending of the fecundity period. She does not see her periods. In our sample, one third of the man believed that menopause was a disease because they observed changes in normal bodily functions and thought that women would no longer be able to have a child. On the other hand, two-thirds of the men did not consider menopause as a disease and thought it was a natural phase. When the time comes, naturally, all women aged will enter. I said to myself she is getting older.

Half of the men stated fatalistic views, like "God wanted so", in this context. It happens between the ages of It is Allah's command Allah'in emridir. Another important theme was the association of menopause with cleanliness. In Islamic religion, women cannot fulfil religious services during the menstrual period. Not having periods and "cleanliness" may be related because of those commandments.

Another approach was that half of the men thought that menstruation blood is dirty and if it is stuck inside the body it may cause some diseases. Blood clotting problems may happen. None of the men had heard of treatment modalities for menopause and they perceived the treatment as an effort to have children, and to continue to menstruate.

Therefore some of them thought that it would be a coercion to consult a doctor. It would be an enforcement to give drugs to prolong the menstrual cycle. One-third of the subjects mentioned about the advantages of the prolongation of the menstrual period by treatment. Without it, there may be side effects. For them it is a problem. They do not want to enter menopause. For example, a doctor can cure? They want a longer menstrual period. But I think there is no cure.

It would be nice to have a child in the older age, though.

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Men thought that with menopause women lose femininity and become just like men and, as a consequence, lose interest in sex. Therefore, most of the men were concerned about their own sexual lives. I am not sure whether the pleasure is reduced in men. It did not happen to me. I do not know. Men do not speak of such things among themselves. In our sample, menopause was perceived as maturity.

She becomes fat, she gets heavier. Her mobility, care, beauty all are gone. Begins to eat and drink much.

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She is more irritable. When asked whether they could tell if a woman was in menopause, two-thirds of the participants described the psychological changes that women go through, though one-third of the men did mention the physical changes. They also emphasised about the decrease of libido. Does not want the relationship. Diseases of the women meaning gynaecological in nature increase. Does not take pleasure from her husband, therefore does not enjoy life.

The relationship goes away. Does not want to be disturbed.

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Would be ill-tempered, nonchalant, irrelevant to the man. She cannot offer everything to her man as she did before. One-third of the men believed that menstruation protected women from diseases. They correlated that among women, having a period was similar to men experiencing an ejaculation. As the men became more relaxed and comfortable after ejaculation, women also felt the same after menstruation. With the menopause, women did not have menstruation and because of this women will be more frustrated and anxious.

If she does not have menstruation, diseases will creep in.

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For example, she gets an upset stomach, abdominal pain, breast cancer. Now we have the benefits of the menstrual cycle. Man relaxes when he drains off ejaculation. The same thing happens when women sees her periods. Like a man if he cannot drain off, ejaculation there is harm in it.

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Women should empty the inside of her body. Otherwise it is harmful. When asked about the possible expectations of women during menopause, 12 Wallah, I'm done, she says" 69; driver; wife in menopause. On the other hand, 13 She requests care and assistance, just like the elderly.

Because she is old she expects respect and love from his family" 62; technician; wife in menopause. Some other factors which were related to early menopausal age, according to the men, were lower economic conditions, troubles in the households, depression, psychological condition, being thin and living in urban or rural areas.

Women who have bad financial situation, women with health problems and women who have unrest at home enter menopause early" 64; retired; wife in menopause. The weak and diseased anaemic , there would be premature menopause" 66; retired; wife in menopause. Early menopause in women living in the village is not the case" 50; foreman; wife not in menopause. Tiring for the brain. Once-a-week is enough when you are 50 years old" 46; officer; wife not in menopause. Check copyright status Cite this Title Female and male climacteric: Creator International Congress on the Menopause 2nd: Robert Benjamin , Serr, D.

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