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An aggressive boss monster, the Chaos Elemental , can be found lurking around or inside the castle.

The song Regal is unlocked near the castle. It is also part of the Curse of the Empty Lord miniquest. This area is considered to be highly dangerous, as it is in high level wilderness which runs the risk of PKers, and has the nearby Chaos Elemental, who can bind and unequip players, cutting off possible escape routes. Additionally, there are aggressive rogues located within the castle.

There is a Wilderness Obelisk nearby which can be used to escape the immediate vicinity, though it is not a surefire way to reach safety. The Chaos Elemental patrols the west and south perimeter of the Rogue's Castle and can attack players "offscreen", making the area quite dangerous to reach. However, there is a teleportation obelisk in the area, which makes for a fast transport to the castle area, or a quick escape for players being hunted by the Elemental.

I am going to be surprised. I am always shocked by a twist. Though short, this story was no different. It contained everything necessary for a fantastic story. The story took me about 20 minutes to read. The story was engaging and well executed. I loved everything about it. Just the thing for a quick read. His Duchess For a Day Crispin has a wife, and this is their story. Full of angst and intrigue, Christi brings an awesome twist on the married but estranged trope.

I love a bluestocking heroine, and this bookish couple is everything. Cannot wait to see what the rest of the girls are getting up to. May 16, Saynab rated it it was amazing. It was short and sweet and I was laughing most of the time. May 30, Spoiler Whore-Momoa rated it liked it Shelves: What a duo of authors!

Two of the biggest stars in Regency Romance in one book! This regency duet is definitely a fun treat and one I hope to see repeated in the future. And Sebastian Ines, Lord Byrne has held to that rule for 11 years. Mary Clayton, sister of What a duo of authors! Knowing a broken engagement would ruin her, Sebastian insists they marry.

And what follows is a witty and delightful story of two people who have loved each other for years finally finding their HEA. This story was so much fun! From their amusing arguments to their disastrous French wedding feast to their IKEA moment assembling their Swedish bed. I was giggling non-stop. And oh what a twist at the end! Mary is the best heroine ever! I love the inventive plot and the endearing characters.

And the epilogue was sheer perfection.

Elizabeth Terry was living a sham. As instructor at Mrs. She knew nothing of the sort. Both must confront their past, their mistakes, and the feelings they still have for one another. My heart ached for Crispin and Elizabeth in this book. Though from completely different classes, they were more comfortable with one another than with anyone.

See a Problem?

It had seemed the perfect solution. But when misunderstanding and manipulations of others interfered, Elizabeth had left. Dare they confess how they felt? I loved the reminiscences of their childhood laced throughout the book. I fell in love with the couple they had been through those reflections and it made me all the more anxious for them to find their way back to each other again. If anyone deserved a second chance at love, it was Crispin and Elizabeth.

What an emotionally charged story. I loved the pacing of the story and watching Crispin and Elizabeth rediscover all the things they loved about each other as they traveled back to London. May 26, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: His Bride for the Taking was probably my favorite Tessa Dare novella to date. Still, this novella was pure joy from the first page onward and featured an array of my favorite tropes: Mary, who was in fact quite contrary, and quite delightful, met her match in stubborn as an ox Sebastian. I loved how they clumsily navigated their new marital situation. Leave it to Tessa to sprinkle in some actual emotional depth into her short stories, bless her.

Every time I try to read one of her books, it never works out. If both heroines are redheads, why is the cover model blonde??? May 20, Sharon Coffey rated it it was amazing. This was my first read by her it will not be my last I so enjoy this story. I loved the fun banter between Mary and Sebastian it made me laugh out loud, They are childhood friends and they both fell in love with each other but never shared their feelings because Mary brother was Sebastian good friend she was hands off to him.

When Mary finds herself needing Sebastain help well things start to get crazy and very interesting between them. This story had so many fun and surprising twists to it you will love it. In book 2 "His Duchess for a Day " by Christi Caldwell Crispin and Elizabeth are best friends since they where young they got married and surprise everyone but when a big misunderstanding made Elizabeth run away from Crispin soon after they got married.

Crispin looks for her for years and when he finds her she is shocked. She been hiding in a Finishing School for young ladies. When they spend time together it very clear they still love each other very much but they both have very hurt feelings over what happen Years ago. Can they forgive each other and talk out what happen?

I really enjoyed this book by Christi was very sweet love story. Both stories in this Regency Duet are about giving love a second change I couldn't put the book down still I finished both stories it was amazing and such a fun read.

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I was offered an ARC of this book for my honest review. May 21, Archana Raghu rated it it was amazing. Crispin - heir to a dukedom. But that won't deter the matchmaking mamas wanting dear daughters to become a Duchess. But then what is this they hear - he's been married for ages now. And to a dragon no less? And to think she's betrayed him and gone into hiding. Elizabeth - what a sham her life has become. Her day job is forcing spirited ladies of the ton to turn into biddable misses with no greater goal than ensnaring the most advantageous match.

Her love of scie Crispin - heir to a dukedom. Her love of science and all things "sensible" have to be hidden if she's to survive. A disastrous marriage to a friend who did not want her has left her with few options. A wedding between friends Hope of a lifetime happiness. But there are expectations for the heir of a dukedom. A rushed wedding to a bluestocking isn't one of those expectations. Can this estranged couple find peace, happiness and understanding finally. Will their love of books and for each other be finally enough?

Christi waves another tale of two young lovers seperated by family, reunited by necessity and bound by fate. May 22, marieno rated it really liked it. Rushed marriage, strong characters, when characters have to clean or make-over their living quarters, funny moments like an Ikea reference, and the use of French language There was a twist before the end that surprises me.

The epilogue was really cute.

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When we met Elizabeth, she is a "dragon" in a school for young ladies. Crispin, a duke and her husband has finally found her after almost ten years and wants her back. They don't know if they know the other anymore. In the past, they knew each other but they never shared the content of their heart so that's why they were never sure that their feelings were shared. After they got married, she heard him said it was a mistake. They never speak to each other after that because she ran and hide away. Later it's revealed that other people try to annuled the marriage. There are flashback of memories and a lot of internal dialogue to make us understand their past and where they are going now that they are back in each other lives.

I liked Elizabeth's personnality that other people find odd and hers and Crispin friendship. May 19, Mary Smith rated it it was amazing. I loved the banter between Mary and Sebastian.

Even though Sebastian never follows rules, he holds back when it comes to Mary. He wants so badly to touch her but won't until he marries her after she is left at the altar. The sexy and funny way this story was told made this a good read.

Rogues' Castle

She overheard Crispin and his father talking about how the marriage was a mistake so she left. She went away to teach young ladies at Mrs. Will the Viscount win his lady or will their love be destroyed by deceit, betrayal and secrets from his past? Will Miss Weston choose the right man? Conspirators plan assassination - when faced with the choice, will the spymaster save the woman he loves, or the Prince he is sworn to protect?

One sexy box set. This is by far the funniest that I've read, and the most adorable too. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention dragon and his bride lady anne devil heiress crag wyvern new earl susan kerslake smuggling operation years ago con somerford younger men company of rogues earl of wyvern praise of younger beverley books older brother con and susan rogue books rogues series next book rogues series.

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  8. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Lots of action and adventure. The male leads were charming and quirky. The female leads stuck to their pattern card roles in my head. They started out annoying, but matured into the wonderful wives their husbands needed. Then we have The Dragon's Bride. Con is a dark character. As well he should be due to the circumstances of having to go to war twice over Napoleon's antics and he was never able to locate the body of a fallen Rogue afterwards.

    Now we have Susan, who at age 15 seduced Con based on her erroneous assumption that he was the Earl of Wyvern's heir apparent. While basking in the afterglow of his good fortune, he casually responds to her queries stating his older brother is the heir. She cruelly tells him she never wants to see him again. After the war Con returns to Wyvern as the new Earl. This is where the book plods along as these two deny their attractions for each other, while boring the reader to tears. To be fair, the book is a sign of it's time.

    Publishers wanted more pages and to that authors either created meaningless plot twists or spent a lot of time inside their characters' heads mulling over the plot. This did not go over well with fans. Currently, authors are back to their tried and true formulas. Here, we spend a lot of time inside Con and Susan's heads. Con is constantly rethinking thoughts about 'what if' with Susan.

    He's either strategizing to get her between the sheets or employing self flagellating tactics to exorcise her from his head. Susan, also constantly rethinks her interactions with Con. What it would be like to bed Con again now that they are older? Her shame in bedding the two men she tried to use she has issues with using men as substitutions for other men to exorcise Con from her head and her heart. Her interactions with her brother. Her interactions with the excise man. Her birth parent's lack of familial obligations, interactions and failings. Her inability to find the gold her birth father paid the old earl to turn a blind eye to his smuggling operation.

    Over and over and over. This is a good book. It is exactly what it is supposed to be, minus the filler. The author would no doubt disagree, but should she have the opportunity for a do-over I would love to read it for the exciting Rogue adventure it should have been. Once again you have not disappointed me. This story was so thrilling, so many secrets, so many plots. I'm very happy you did not allow him to marry lady Anne, that would have been so wrong.

    Only Susan and Con would have worked! They were separated by 11 years however the similarities were astounding to my own life. My husband and I were to marry in , but his mother broke us up, we each married people we didn't love, within 5 years both marriages ended in divorce.

    We had no contact for 8 years then out of the blue he called me, I lived in another state. We found that we had never stopped loving each other, were married May 27, and are still married. So you see these stories as I've said have really touched me more than you could ever imagine. I'm on to the next book.