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We assessed the risk of all-cause death and the composite of all-cause death or cardiovascular hospitalization over a median follow-up period of 3. Compared with non-DM patients, those with DM had remarkably higher incidence rates of all-cause death Conversely, both event rates were similar between non-DM patients and those with pre-DM. Cox regression analysis showed that DM, but not pre-DM, was associated with an increased risk of all-cause death adjusted hazard ratio, 1.

In the DM subgroup, higher hemoglobin A1c was also independently associated with increased risk of both study outcomes all-cause death: Presence of DM was independently associated with poor long-term survival outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure. Published on behalf of the American Heart Association, Inc. The prognostic impact of hyperuricemia on long-term clinical outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure HF has been investigated in observational registries and clinical trials, but the results have been often inconclusive.

We assessed the rates of all-cause death, cardiovascular death, cardiovascular hospitalization and the composite of all-cause death or cardiovascular hospitalization over a median follow-up of 3. The significant association between elevated serum uric acid levels and adverse outcomes persisted after adjustment for multiple established risk factors, HF etiology, left ventricular ejection fraction, medication use and other potential confounders, with an adjusted hazard ratio of 1.

Elevated serum uric acid levels are independently associated with poor long-term survival and increased risk of cardiovascular hospitalization in patients with chronic HF. Published by Elsevier Inc. Gruppo Italiano Studio Policitemia.

gruppo italiano trapianto: Topics by

To reassess the natural history of polycythemia vera and to obtain reliable estimates of both incidence of thrombosis and survival for use in defining the sample size for therapeutic clinical trials. Retrospective cohort study of patients with polycythemia who had been followed for 20 years. All-cause mortality, venous and arterial thrombosis, and hematologic and nonhematologic neoplastic disease. Myocardial infarction and stroke were classified as major thrombotic events, and venous and peripheral arterial thrombosis were considered minor thrombotic events.

The number of patients who died and the number of those who had major thrombotic events combined end point were used as a comprehensive measure of the benefit-risk ratio associated with the use of myelosuppressive agents. Thrombotic events occurred more frequently in the 2 years preceding diagnosis, suggesting a causal relation between the latent myeloproliferative disorder and the vascular event. The incidence of thrombosis during follow-up was 3.

Overall mortality was 2. Patients receiving chemotherapy died three to four times more frequently than those not receiving chemotherapy. The increased risk for cancer in patients receiving myelosuppressive agents was seen approximately 6 years after diagnosis.

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In addition, the combined end point, computed as the sum of the hardest available events death, nonfatal myocardial infarction, or stroke , suggests that myelosuppressive agents have an overall unfavorable effect. Cytoreduction favorably affects the incidence of thrombotic events, but aggressive treatment seems to be associated with increased risk for neoplasm.

These results provide a basis for reevaluating the therapeutic strategy in patients with polycythemia vera and for estimating the size of clinical trials aimed at testing new therapeutic approaches. Low-dose aspirin in polycythaemia vera: In this pilot study, aimed at exploring the feasibility of a large-scale trial of low-dose aspirin in polycythaemia vera PV , PV patients 42 females, 70 males. Measurements of thromboxane A2 production during whole blood clotting demonstrated complete inhibition of platelet cyclooxygenase activity in patients receiving aspirin. Aspirin administration was not associated with any bleeding complication.

Within the limitations of the small sample size, this study indicates that a biochemically effective regimen of antiplatelet therapy is well tolerated in patients with polycythaemia vera and that a large-scale placebo-controlled trial is feasible. Full Text Available This article, taking advantage of the theoretical tools developed by conversation analysis, plus a series of notions and references extracted from works that examine the structure of the interaction in the language classroom, reflects on the different uses that LE Italian students make of the languages present in class, especially the LM, during the development of group activities, to express the various identities that constitute each individual.

The study suggests that the identity of the students are in continuous transformation. Materiali multimediali di italiano L2 per bambini e ragazzi. Ireland has recently attracted more and more immigration. Even if there are not many Italian immigrants living in Ireland, the study of Italian as a foreign language is quite wide-spread, although not quite as popular as French, German and Spanish.

This paper is a quantitative analysis of the study of Italian as a foreign language in Irish schools and universities. The survey was carried out using data from institutional sources, internet sites, printed materials as well as the author's personal experience teaching Italian in Ireland. The results illustrate the number of students studying Italian as a foreign language in high schools and the courses offered in the main Irish universities, in particular at the National University of Ireland in Galway, which offers numerous courses on Italian language and culture.

Hydroxyurea with or without imatinib in the treatment of recurrent or progressive meningiomas: Hydroxyurea HU is among the most widely used salvage therapies in progressive meningiomas. Platelet-derived growth factor receptors are expressed in virtually all meningiomas. Imatinib sensitizes transformed cells to the cytotoxic effects of chemotherapeutic agents that interfere with DNA metabolism.

The combination of HU with imatinib yielded intriguing results in recurrent malignant glioma. The current trial addressed the activity of this association against meningioma. The primary endpoint was progression-free survival rate at 9 months PFS Afterward the trial was prematurely closed due to slow enrollment rate. Main G toxicities were: The conduction of a study in recurrent or progressive meningioma remains a challenge. Given the limited number of patients enrolled, no firm conclusions can be drawn about the combination of imatinib and HU. The optimal systemic therapy for meningioma failing surgery and radiation has yet to be identified.

Research of clinically relevant biomedical information. Because searching best evidence is a basic step to practice Evidence-based Medicine, this second review the first one has been published in the issue of March has the aim to provide physicians tools and skills for retrieving relevant biomedical information. Therefore, we discuss about strategies for managing information overload, analyze characteristics, usefulness and limits of medical databases and explain how to use MEDLINE in day-to-day clinical practice. Formazione e resistenze al cambiamento.

Il lavoro con un gruppo di ispettori penitenziari. Full Text Available Riassunto Da sempre il cambiamento costituisce un processo delicato e complesso per le persone, i gruppi e le organizzazioni che lo vivono. Il presente lavoro, a partire da un processo di riorganizzazione che ha coinvolto un istituto penitenziario lombardo, prende in analisi le resistenze al cambiamento generatesi in un gruppo di quindici ispettori e la loro evoluzione lungo un percorso formativo che li ha visti coinvolti. Le resistenze sono state accolte e accompagnate, dando modo alle emozioni di frustrazione, rabbia, stanchezza, ecc di trovare parola, ed essere liberate per poi lasciar posto ad un nuovo pensiero progettuale di gruppo.

A group of prison inspectorsAbstract Change has always been a delicate and complex process for individuals, groups and organizations who. I corsi svolti nel dagli Istituti Italiani di Cultura sono in tutto 6. Per questo articolo ci si sofferma sulle indicazioni linguistiche e testuali che si ricavano dal testo libero previsto per il livello avanzato: There were 6, courses offered in by the Italian Cultural Institutes, compared to the data collected in.

La fine del colonialismo italiano tra storia e memoria. The AFIS experiment played a key role in the making of some of the most popular and enduring themes Italian narrative about the colonialism. Acquisition of discourse markers in Italian L2The paper presents the results of a study on the acquisition of discourse markers SD in Italian L2 students, conducted on a corpus of spoken language by university students at the University of Florence who attended Italian L2 language course at the University Language Center.

The main objective of the study was to investigate the Italian of foreigners in relation to this specific trait in order to identify possible acquisitional sequences, helping shape the development of learners' socio-pragmatic competence levels proposed in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR. La interlengua de lenguas afines. Standardized salvage treatment has not yet proved effective in glioblastoma multiforme GBM patients who receive prior standard radiotherapy plus concomitant and adjuvant temozolomide.

Moreover, this is the first study to evaluate correlation between MGMT promoter status and outcome of fotemustine for relapsing GBM previously treated with radiotherapy and temozolomide. This invasion is made tangible by smartphones and tablets equipped with internet connections and infinite potential thanks to applications which can help students in their studies, or hinder them if used incorrectly.

Contributo allo studio della composizione delle parole: Raffronto contrastivo italiano -croato, croato- italiano. Si prendono in considerazione solo parole motivate nella coscienza linguistica dei parlanti di oggi. Si distinguono due casi: Based on information gathered from a sample of twenty-six students through a questionnaire, the article outlines a portrait of the learners and analyzes their past and present experience regarding language learning, contact they have with Italy and Italian speakers and the cultural, professional and personal reasons that brought them to study the Italian language.

The purpose of this article is to evaluate the relationship between Italian Fascism and Brazilian Integralism. The question of the "oriundi" Brazilians of Italian heritage and their relationship with Fascism and Integralism is especially stressed. Dopo alcune riflessioni teoriche, si presentano sei proposte di lavoro, con relative soluzioni, adatte a studenti del livello B2-C2 del quadro di riferimento.

After a brief discussion on theory, six project proposals and their solutions, suitable for B2-C2 level students, are presented. After the way the characters are constructed is investigated, then the function of the captions in relation to the texts is considered, and finally students reflect on the different ways the dialogues are presented, including the pauses.

Luca Serianni

Play scripts lend themselves to language exercises, because they encourage students to use their interpretation skills and imaginations to talk about. Il laboratorio prevede una serie di incontri tra le insegnanti e i ricercatori, con interventi mirati di questi ultimi in. Longevity of Cane Corso Italiano dog breed and its relationship with hair colour. For the first time, this study describes a median lifespan using the data of dogs of the Cane Corso Italiano breed collected from kennels and individual owners from 25 countries.

The median lifespan of the whole examined group is 9. This paper is the first to describe the possible relationship between median lifespan and hair colour within one breed. The longest living group is formed by black brindle coloured dogs, with a median of The median lifespan of black brindle dogs exceeded the overall median lifespan of all dogs by 1.

Our results suggest a possible way for a prolongation of age at death of the Cane Corso Italiano breed using appropriate breeding. The median lifespan of male Cane Corso Italiano dogs is 9. LIPSI was compiled using computational linguistics methods based on materials collected in the field.

It is the result of a four-year study carried out as part of OLSI Osservatorio linguistico della Svizzera italiana, an institution which promotes the language and culture of Canton Ticino. Presentazione per il pubblico italiano. In tal senso i contributi presenti in questo numero aprono e offrono delle prime risposte a tutta una serie di questioni. Veno-occlusive disease nurse management: Veno-occlusive disease VOD is a complication arising from the toxicity of conditioning regimens that have a significant impact on the survival of patients who undergo stem cell transplantation.

There are several known risk factors for developing VOD and their assessment before the start of conditioning regimens could improve the quality of care. Equally important are early identification of signs and symptoms ascribable to VOD, rapid diagnosis, and timely adjustment of support therapy and treatment. Nurses have a fundamental role at the stages of assessment and monitoring for signs and symptoms; therefore, they should have documented skills and training. The literature defines nurses' areas of competence in managing VOD, but in the actual clinical practice, this is not so clear.

Moreover, there is an intrinsic difficulty in managing VOD due to its rapid and often dramatic evolution, together with a lack of care tools to guide nurses. Through a complex evidence-based process, the Gruppo Italiano per il Trapianto di Midollo Osseo GITMO , cellule staminali emopoietiche e terapia cellulare nursing board has developed an operational flowchart and a dynamic monitoring tool applicable to haematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients, whether they develop this complication or not.

Errors in italian L1 and L2: I testi qui didattizzati sono utilizzabili in diverse prospettive: Learning italian l2 through song. The texts were adapted for diverse didactic uses: Italian lessons for american english-speaking students: It is analyzed from a glottodidactic point of view through the detailed description and evaluation of its structure, the linguistic-communicative objectives and the didactic.

La coesione in italiano e in russo: Racionalismo italiano e o fascismo: Dalla riflessione alla pratica: Movies during italian l2 lessons: What are the limits and advantages of using authentic audio-visual materials in the classroom? How can an activity based on viewing an Italian film in the original language be structured?

What strategies do learners use to understand movies in. Prove di dialogo con Sabino Cassese sulla storia dello Stato italiano.

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Ma come parlano i bambini stranieri nati in Italia? Second generation Italian speakers. In Italian schools there is an important change which regards foreign children enrolled: How do foreign children, born in Italy, speak? This observational study focused on some foreign 5-year-old children in Italian preschools and attempted to describe the language used by these second-generation speakers, between hesitations, silences, achievements and linguistic creativity.

For employees in Milan and proper behavior of young men: Although his contemporaries did not fail to point out some limitations, the work is striking when considering who it was intended for: Rituals occupy a central role in contemporary political life, although this role is often not recognized. Through the examination of the transformation, in , of the Italian Communist Party PCI into a post-communist party, the key role of ritual in modern politics is demonstrated.

Along the way, the ways in which rituals are employed for political purposes are examined and illustrated.

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Following the fall of the Berlin wall, PCI leaders decided that a Communist identity had become too stigmatic, and that a new. Mother tongue and Italian L2: Pragmatic Intercultural Guide Yale University Press, Rome-Bari which addressed, among other issues, the theme of split personality in a study on bilingualism and biculturalism, and poses the question of whether there is a relationship between bilingualism and personality, and whether switching between languages causes personality changes in bilinguals. In this paper, personality change meant the most outward attitudes and behaviors adopted when alternating between the mother tongue and Italian L2, as well as less visible changes involving affective states and personal identity.

The participants were bilingual subjects residing in Italy with a knowledge of Italian as a second language measured according to the. Sui pronomi personali di prima e seconda persona plurale in italiano. In tale area sia parole monosillabiche che polisillabiche presenterebbero questo sviluppo. Ad esemplificare le prime sono chiamate in causa forme come rom. Spreading knowledge in medical informatics: Medical Informatics MI is an emerging discipline with a high need of trained and skillful professionals.

A four-year MIRP with 15 rotations was started in , and was awarded national educational accreditation. Eight residents have been fully trained and their main academic contributions are shown in this study. These educational activities have produced skilled human resources for the development and maintenance of the health informatics projects at our Hospital. In parallel, the number of students trained by e-learning continues to increase, demonstrating the worldwide need of knowledge in this field.

O pensamento corporativo em Miguel Reale: Gli infortuni lavorativi in minori: Full Text Available Obiettivi: Sono stati presi in considerazione tutti gli infortuni avvenuti a minori: I soggetti di sesso maschile, diciassettenni, impiegati nel comparto industriale sono risultati il gruppo maggiormente coinvolto: Sono apparse due diverse tipologie di infortunio: In questo studio si presenta un essempio di analisi contrastiva a livello fonetico tra la ligua italiana e quella portoghese parlata in Brasile.

In light of these elements, some guidelines on the use of search engines and some resources offered by the network, such as Google Docs and Google Drive, are offered. This is followed by a brief description of Edmodo, a social learning platform, and information on the use of smartphones to access helpful resources that are easy to share in class.

Full Text Available Come si organizza un corso di italiano L2 per donne migranti? Italian L2 for migrant women between linguistic needs and the desire for integration. How is an Italian L2 course organized for migrant women? Why are these courses different from other classes designed for adult immigrants? The three interviews in the appendix, from three different centers which offer Italian L2 courses to immigrant women, tell about how these indications can be put into practice to satisfy the desire for the integration and social inclusion of these students, making the language class more than a.

Single-dose palonosetron for prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma receiving moderately emetogenic chemotherapy containing steroids: The control of nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy is paramount for overall treatment success in cancer patients.

Antiemetic therapy during chemotherapy in lymphoma patients generally consists of anti-serotoninergic drugs and dexamethasone. The aim of this trial was to evaluate the efficacy of a single dose of palonosetron, a second-generation serotonin type 3 5-HT 3 receptor antagonist, in patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma receiving moderately emetogenic chemotherapy MEC containing steroids.

Patients received a single intravenous bolus of palonosetron 0. Complete response CR defined as no vomiting and no rescue therapy during overall phase h was the primary endpoint. Complete control CC defined as CR and only mild nausea was a secondary endpoint. Eighty-six evaluable patients entered in the study. A CR was observed in 74 patients This was the first trial, which demonstrated the efficacy of a single dose of palonosetron in control CINV in patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma receiving MEC regimen containing steroids.

Ciudades y aldeas del Nuevo Mundo en los documentos de los mercaderes y viajeros italianos del Quinientos. Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to examine the formation of urban and rural centers and agricultural landscapes in the New World through the accounts of Italian travelers to the Americas during the sixteenth century, whereby they described the building techniques used in towns and villages. Although not exhaustive, the picture that emerges presents an interesting perspective on the architectural style of houses, manufacturing facilities and public or religious buildings, which in some cases seem to be by inspired by the Italian Renaissance.

Censura e doppiaggio nelle forme narrative del cinema italiano , nel cruciale passaggio al sonoro degli anni Trenta. I film muti prodotti in Italia passano dai del ai del Sono solo 23 nel Nel si tocca il fondo con 18 film italiani e stranieri. Dal al invece riprendono in modo lento a crescere: Full Text Available Oltre che come lessicografo e dialettologo, Francesco Cherubini spese gran parte della sua vita professionale occupandosi di libri: Reflections of the milanese world of publishing in dialect As well as being a lexicographer and dialectologist, Francesco Cherubini spent much of his professional life dealing with books: They can be considered a teaching technique aimed at raising student awareness about the SL supra-segmental aspects in contrast to their L1.

Some activities related to vowel length and stress will be presented: The activities involved the students in a more personal, total and physical collaboration together with their classmates. The multimedia workshop was designed to be multimodal and cooperative, in order to. La lingua2 nel Web. Full Text Available L'articolo si compone di due parti. Nella prima si espongono alcuni punti focali del dibattito sul rapporto tra glottodidattica e tecnologie digitali dai dispositivi mobili ai software per la comunicazione, fino agli attuali socialnetwork.

L2 on the Web. Digital perspectives for teaching italian to foreignersThe article consists of two parts. In the first we illustrate some focal points in the debate on the relationship between language teaching and digital technologies from mobile devices to communication software and current social networks. In particular, we focus on the fact that the language of digital communication is a linguistic variety which L2 teaching can no longer ignore, and.

Non solo quotidiani in classe: The target audience is middle school students from different countries and with different L1 backgrounds. Students take part in didactic role-plays inspired by the Harry Potter series. Special emphasis is given to the Hogwarts Language Lab, which aims to promote interaction, socialization and second language acquisition. The Lab teaching strategy combines elements of the communicative approach and the audio-lingual method with role-playing. The principle behind the Hogwarts Lab is that the students have to be active participants rather than passive observers.

Their involvement can be increased and their interest can be raised through the use of the video input visual stimuli and role-playing as a teaching strategy. This article analyzes the introduction of Italian books in Spain as part of the strategy of cultural propaganda abroad established by fascism. O papel do contraponto no desenvolvimento da harmonia: Critical load of acid precipitations.

Mapping of Italian regions; Mappa dei carichi critici di acidita' totale riferita al territorio italiano. Maria di Galeria, RM Italy. In this report the mapping of critical loads of acidity for the Italian terrestrial ecosystems is presented. The level O method Stockholm Environment Institute has been used to determine sensitivity to acid deposition; this semi-quantitative method has been modified to address some Italian characteristics.

The results show that the sensitivity of the Italian soils to acidification is not particularly elevated: These areas are in the north-east of Italy, in Alpine and Prealpine region. Il calcolo dei carichi critici e' stato eseguito sulla base della metodologia messa a punto dallo Stokholm Environment Institute; a questo metodo semi-quantitativo sono state apportate alcune modifiche per meglio adattarlo alle caratteristiche del territorio italiano. Dall'analisi dei risultati ottenuti, si evince come la sensibilita' dei suoli italiani all'acidificazione non sia particolarmente elevata: Tali aree sono localizzate nell'Italia nord-orientale, in zona alpina e prealpina.

Mapping of critical loads of acidity for the Italian terrestrial ecosystems; Mappa dei carichi critici di acidita' totale riferita al territorio italiano. The level 0 method Stockholm Environment Institute has been used to determine sensitivity to acid deposition; this semi-quantitative method has been modified to address some Italian characteristics.

The sensitivity of the Italian soils to acidification is not particularly elevated: Il calcolo dei carichi e' stato eseguito sulla base della metodologia messa a punto dallo Stockholm Environment Institute con alcune modifiche per adattarlo meglio alle caratteristiche del territorio italiano. Si dimostra che la sensibilita' dei suoli italiani all'acidificazione non sia particolarmente elevata: Oltre a confrontare le diverse stesure del testo, si analizzano le interazioni avvenute tra le apprendenti durante il lavoro di coppia finalizzato a utilizzare il feedback per produrre il secondo testo collaborativo.

Data collection took place over three days: In addition to comparing the various drafts of the text, we analyzed the interactions between the learners during pair work aimed. On that occasion, he could certainly learn and play the organ Italian. New sources and unpublished documents have recently enabled us to identify a new and reliable profi le of the organs of Italian origins.

Updated illustration of the characteristics of the organs of the Italian Renaissance follow the guidelines of performance practice entailed and a comparison with the Spanish instruments practiced by Antonio de Cabezon. Nuove fonti e inediti documenti hanno recentemente permesso di delineare un nuovo ed attendibile profi lo degli organi italiani delle origini. Federico Italiano Galliate, Desde vivo en Viena con mi mujer y dos hijos, y trabajo como investigador de la Academia Austriaca de las Ciencias.

Poesie scelte Feltrinelli, In particular, it analyzes the linguistic effects of the redefinition of the characteristics of written language. This has led, at least in some contexts, to a general simplification of written texts, producing a sort of italiano scritto medio the variety at the base. Full Text Available Nel presente contributo si riportano i risultati di uno studio i cui obiettivi sono: Meta-analysis and application for action-learning italian fl discourse signals In this paper we report the results of a study whose objectives were: The system allows the real time localization latitude, longitude of the striking point of a cloud-to-ground lightning flash.

Electrical parameters of the impulsive currents related to the flash strokes are calculated as well. Main uses of lightning data in several fields are then reported, with special reference to electrical applications. Mention is done about the different modalities adopted for data distribution, according to that either real time or passed time applications have to be carried out.

In this latter case e. Vengono quindi riportati una descrizione della rete nella sua configurazione attuale ed i suoi collegamenti con le reti di Paesi confinanti Francia, Svizzera, Austria. Sono successivamente descritte le principali applicazioni dei dati di fulmine nei vari settori, con particolare riferimento al. Full Text Available Il corporativismo fu uno degli elementi caratterizzanti dello Stato fascista, che con esso intendeva ricollegarsi alla tradizione medievale italiana. Os resultados de Salmonella sp. In the food market new technologies are launched in search of greater convenience for people , an example is the Italian ice cream machine soft that can be inserted in places with large flows of people , occupying small spaces and serving products with greater speed.

A Pale Reflection of Fascism: Full Text Available This essay analyses the information on and the assessments of home politics in Spain during the Primo de Rivera regime Those reports provide interesting first-hand accounts on the regime and have the additional value of offering a comparison with the simultaneous experience of the Italian fascist regime. They confirm that Primo de Rivera had a persistent tendency to seek inspiration in the fascist model.

Item Analysis di una prova di lettura a scelta multipla della certificazione di italiano per stranieri CILS livello B1; sessione estiva Dalla nostra ricerca si evince che si danno un item ambiguo 1, per via della presenza di due chiavi, e un item di difficile risoluzione, per via della mancanza di informazioni utili per desumere il significato del vocabolo cui si riferisce 4. From our research it emerges that the test presents an ambiguous item 1, with two keys, and a difficult item, without enough information to make clear the meaning of the word it refers to 4.

Through a brief analysis of the meaning of multilingual speakers and multilingualism, this article examines how an education to multilingualism in teaching contexts is carried out and, in particular, if and how the use of the L1 can be a helpful tool for the foreign language teaching and learning. For this purpose the data collected at Coventry University during Italian L2 classrooms for English students were examined. The more common and meaningful phenomena of linguistic contact between L1 and L2 were grouped according to the speaker and to their functions.

This article deals with the theme of solidarity with the Chilean exile in Italy from the years Along this line the author highlights how the Italian communists had a specific political interest for the cause of the exiled, which resulted in the effort to influence the contents and the meanings of the solidarity and not only with material help. This paper is a comparative study about the origin and development of Iberian and Italian neomalthusianism. It looks deep into the contents of Iberian neomalthusianism, which lacked a complete study from a human-ecology perspective, which would offer new conceptual and methodological visions that might help us rediscover the historical origins of grassroots environmentalist movements.

The comparisons between theoretical treaties and activities of both movements, as well as their political influence, offers the posibility of a deep understanding of the similarities and differences between them, in face of some of importan questions of our times, like demographic nationalist discourses. Films have portrayed the evolution of the Italian urban landscape in the last years. Nevertheless, contemporary movies partially ignore the recent transformations and represent instead a stereotyped image of Italian landscapes. The structure of the local movie industry could provide a first explanation of this phenomenon.

Moreover, the financial support of productions provided by local government influences the choice of including or excluding elements of the landscape in the movies screen. The paper explores the new representations of landscape in Italian movies, in order to show which features of the changing contemporary Italian landscapes are visible and which are hidden. A tiramina foi a amina predominante seguida da putrescina e da cadaverina.

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Six batches of seven brands of Italian sausages purchased in Belo Horizonte, MG were analyzed for bioactive amines and physico-chemical characteristics. Eight out of 10 amines investigated were detected in every sample with total levels varying from Tyramine was the predominant amine followed by putrescine and cadaverine. Every brand contained toxic tyramine levels for sensitive individuals depending on the amount of sausage consumption. Two brands also contained toxic levels of histamine and phenylethylamine. No brand was in conformity to legislation levels for at least one physico-chemical parameter.

The highest discrepancies to legislation levels were observed for moisture and total sugar contents. The levels of ash varied from 5.

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The pH varied from 4. The Architectural Review against s Italian historicism. El papel jugado por J. Italian emigrants and the fascism in Mexico Nacionalismo en la distancia: Full Text Available The Italian community in Mexico often overlooked in the field of migration and political studies in the interwar years, due to low numbers involved, is actually an interesting and significant example of relations between the regime of Mussolini and Italian diaspora in Latin America. Here we examine the particular features of this community and its evolving relationship with the mother country, in the context of relations between Mexico and Italy.

The data suggest that the settlement of fascism as an active version of Italian nationalism abroad had a great capacity to attract migrants and their descendants, conditioned by the excited nationalist environment stimulated by the post-revolutionary state and by the analogies and differences that exist between the Mexican nationalist regime and the Italian fascist regime. This article aims to offer a systematization with regard to the prepositional system in two related languages: To this end, this study adopts a didactic framework in order to provide every teacher of Spanish with useful methodological guidelines when it comes to addressing this grammar point with students in an SSL class.

For our purposes, we will analyze the most important studies on this subject and we will then adopt a contrastive and translation approach Spanish-Italian, in order to frame the question within a specific field and determine to what extent the two languages are related from a syntactic and morphological point of view. The perception of the two language systems as close and congruent is at the basis of. Altri collegamenti a lavori del gruppo di DV. The deregulation of the Italian natural gas industry and diversification processes in the down-stream sector; I riflessi dell'apertura del mercato italiano del gas naturale sul riposizionamento strategico degli operatori nel settore down-stream.

download Lora ditaliano Scuola e materie umanistiche Economica Laterza Italian Edition pdf

Istituto di Economia delle Fonti di Energia. The opening of the italian gas market , due to the privatisation and liberalisation process, has been implemented by the important normative evolution of this sector both at european and national level. The debate following this process in the gas market has focussed, basically, on the up-stream sector leaving aside the important down-stream sector also concerning gas local distribution and sales.

In this article it is paid more attention to the down-stream sector considering the firms' evolution from a basic mono utility to multi utility and multi services organisational structure. This potential firms' evolution in the italian gas market will be considered also referring to specific international experience in this market. Il dibattito seguito a questo processo si e' essenzialmente focalizzato sul settore up-stream e poca attenzione e' stata invece rivolta all'importante settore down-stream, ossia la distribuzione locale e la vendita.

Su tale settore si focalizza l'attenzione di questo articolo nell'intento di delineare i possibili scenari di sviluppo delle imprese operanti che, da una semplice strutura mono-utility, si evolvano verso una struttura multi-utility e multi-service. This paper represents an attempt to demonstrate the vitality of some stereotypes about the hispanic culture through the analysis of the spanish loan-words in the italian dictionaries.

Stereotypes, as a manifestation of ideology, are specially able to be traced in the definitions of spanish loan-words related to the political or social life. This article discusses the evolution of the Italian extreme right after the Second World War, with an emphasis on its leading political party, the Movimento Sociale Italiano Italian Social Movement, its successor, Alleanza Nazionale National Alliance - , and the latest strategies arising from its merger with the party of Silvio Berlusconi We seek to account for how and why an anti-establishment party - the longest-lived party in Italian politics - renounced its radicalism in favor of popular liberalism values.

Italian students' social representation on aging: Full Text Available In various countries there are studies aimed at characterizing social representations on aging, but little is known about their relations with other representations. The present study proposes to characterize those relations through the notion of representational systems. An exploratory survey has been conducted with Italian undergraduate students.

They have completed evocation tasks about seven social objects linked to aging and also rated the distances among them. Distance ratings went through similarity analysis, while a prototypical analysis was carried out for aging and three objects: The results indicate possible content connections among representation elements and suggest a conjunction relationship between aging and family. The notion of representational systems opens possibilities for more refined representational characterizations.

Para tanto, fundamentalmente, a leitura de I Fior Questi eventi sono in seguito revisionati dagli analisti del Bollettino. Gli analisti ricontrollano i parametri di tutti i terremoti ottenuti ins Riscritture del romance nel secondo Novecento italiano. Full Text Available Many authors in the last century offer us the possibility to look at romance through their rewriting of Italian tradition, but they also offer the possibility to look at rewriting through romance. A systematic examination of every single work would need an article itself.

Here the focus is rather on the phenomenon and its implications with tradition and its transformations; and on the intellectual context where they take place. Despite the very core of the poetics of rewriting can be located between the Sixties and the Eighties, these palimpsests go further, into the Nineties.

From Calvino, Manganelli and Sanguineti, to Celati, Bufalino and Santagata, we are able to look at different declensions of rewriting. Through these texts and the techniques they are built with, it is possible to verify the strength and the qualities of some cultural and intellectual practices, which can be related to a coherent Italian postmodern poetics, which operates through the reuse of traditional materials. These reuse should be seen — and this is one of the cues and conclusions the article would like to offer — as a vital way of reproducing stories and genres in the postmodern era.

O acesso San Marzano apresentou casca com colora. Three Tendencies of Italian Cinema on Art around AbstractThe awareness of a dialogue between two arts, where cinema is not a mere servant of the work or artist represented, but a device that adds something new, had merged in the late 30s, but it will be a decade later when a true golden age of this new genre will arise, centering many of the debates on the possibilities of.

The different kinds of pastrami are sliced by meat industry or in the supermarkets, without concern on possible alterations that may occur in the product. The changes on the total and nitrous meat pigments influence the color of the product, which is detected by the consumer, and thus directly influences the consumption of this kind of product. The present study aimed to investigate the effect of light. As plantas foram conduzidas sem tutoramento.

This experiment was carried out to study the effect of three spacings between plants and three pruning systems in. Full Text Available During post-harvest maturation, different species vary in the length of dormancy breaking or germination increases. Seed dormancy and slow seedling development often limit establishment of forage grass stands. Seed germination and seedling vigour of Italian ryegrass Lolium italicum A.

Braun, Synonym Lolium multiflorum L. At each date, seeds were tested for final germination percentage and for seedling vigour traits. The best germination and vigour of Italian ryegrass and cocksfoot seedlings were between and DAH, which equates to spring sowing time March-April in the succeeding year. The data can serve for the determination of a proper storage duration management between harvest and sowing of the tested species under ambient conditions of south-eastern Europe. Los arditi italianos , de la guerra a la militancia antifascista. Postwar Arditi became a violent political group in the Italian Army often related directly to Fascism.

This articles explores a much more complex reality by focusing on the trajectory of antifascist groups Arditi del popolo, created as a response to Fascism threat. It also highlights both the connections and the disconnections between those former Arditi who supported Fascism and those converted to antifascism.

Full Text Available The quality of the relationship teacher-pupil represents a relatively new field of research, both nationally and internationally. Our principal objective is the development and the evaluation of the Student-Teacher Relationship Scale Pianta, , which aims to assess the quality of the teacher-pupil relationship from the point of view of the latter; our own goal is consequently to recognize the applicability of the STRS to an Italian context, especially by analysing in depth the psychometric characteristics of the Scale. Thanks to the use of the STRS, it is possible to identify precise relational patterns between teacher and pupil, therefore the questionnaire is of decisive importance both for teachers and for whoever else is involved in the field of primary education.

Teacher-pupil relationship, STRS, educational contexts, test. GBS is a Gram positive bacterium located primarly in the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system. The presentation of GBS neonatal disease includes pneumonia, respiratory distress and meningitis. The newborn is colonized during passage through the birth canal.

The mother, when colonized, is usually asymptomatic. Infection of GBS from one week to 90 days of age late onset infection results from transmission after birth. In Italy, according to national guidelines of pregnancy , a culture-based screening approach is performed: Full Text Available In the artistic context of the Seventies and Eighties, the Metamorfosi group is a significant example of the commitment by artists — and particularly by four women Gabriella Benedini, Alessandra Bonelli, Lucia Pescador and Alessandra Sterlocchi — to oppose a cultural system dominated by few formations, such as Transavanguardia, which had an undeniable international appeal, but also hindered the development of true alternatives.

Since it only included female artists, Metamorfosi also constitutes an important case study on the role of women in the art milieu of those days, particularly in Italy, where considerations on the natural and social context were more frequent than subjects openly connected with Feminism. Despite the variety of languages, there is a common element in the works of all these artists, that is a poetic and yet pseudoscientific inquiry on nature and the processes of life, as shown in several interesting exhibitions like From Nature to Reason at Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara or Desert: Valutazione del benessere in un gruppo di cani co-terapeuti.

The introduction of animal-assisted therapy with the aim of treating a lot of human pathology, involves hard engagement for all the animals who co-operate in therapeutics session. The dogs were employed in weekly therapeutics sitting Psicoterapia di gruppo ad orientamento psicodinamico: Full Text Available This article examines some theoretical and methodological aspects of research in psychodynamic group psychotherapy.

Despite the increasing diffusion of therapeutic groups, the small number of researches on psychodynamic group therapy points out methodological difficulties related to research designs, the presence of several variables and the creation of operational indicators. The article examines how the recent constitution of an Italian network focused on psychodynamic group psychotherapy research makes it possible to analyze the results of different national groups and compare theoretical and epistemological assumptions and methodological choices that can make the relationship between psychotherapy and research more consistent.

Influenze tra processo ed esiti: It is increasingly important to focus studies on the relationship between process and outcome, especially with regard to psychodynamic group therapy. These treatments, very complex and difficult to operationalize, still pose critical questions for research such as what are the main elements of the therapeutic process that are activated in these therapies?

Many efforts are to be made in understanding which factors develop in groups and the conditions that positively influence the success of therapy. Important is, moreover, the work of conceptual and "operational" depth on the different constructs, to better understand their nature and differences and build tools to more easily detect their features.

Therapeutic alliance and cohesion are among the most investigated process variables, because of their role on the results of therapy. This study investigates these two variables in a therapeutic group with severe patients and analyzes their associations with treatment outcomes in term of symptoms and defenses. A long-term, semi-open group meeting on a weekly basis was examined. The observation was carried out for a period of 18 months, for a total amount of 50 sessions; 11 patients with different diagnoses in Axis I and II DSM IV were examined.

The observation period was divided into 3 phases according to re-modulations of the setting new entries, overcomes, dropout. Significant correlations between alliance, cohesion and outcomes were found in the three phases. During the phase of greater instability, the predominant role of cohesion and, more generally, dimensions related to group commitment emerge. Results offer interesting suggestions about the differentiation between Alliance and Cohesion and their different relationship with outcomes and process evolution.

Il gruppo psicodinamico nelle dipendenze. According to a psychodynamic approach, SUD and ED, together with psychosomatic disorders, can be defined second level disorders, where symptoms cover an underlying psychic suffering. They can also be considered useful but dysfunctional strategies of self-care and emotional self-regulation. Group analytic therapy represents an effective therapeutic tool for these disorders acting on psychological and relational functioning as well as on symptoms.

This paper aims at proposing some reflections based on clinical experiences conducted by the Authors during the last few years. Conseguenze psicologiche del terremoto in Emilia Romagna in un gruppo di utenti alcol-tossicodipendenti. Full Text Available The aim of this study is to evaluate the levels of distress and the presence of PTSD in a group of alcohol and drug addicted in care at the Service for Addiction in Cento FE after the earthquake in A form for data gathering about case history and two questionnaires GHQ and DTS were administered to 27 users of the service.

The percentage of the subjects with PTSD and high levels of distress dropped between the two administrations. Although the limitations due to the little sample, the percentage of subjects with PTSD and with high levels of distress are similar to those reported by other authors following an earthquake. Full Text Available This text brings to the fore certain matters concerning the relationship between Italian opera singers and members of the Spanish Nobility towards the end of XVIII and the beginning of the XIX centuries, based on the example to be gleaned from the surviving correspondence attributed to the Duquesa de Osuna.

The said documentation underlines the importance of the system of patronage and protection accorded to Italian music and musicians in the Iberian Peninsula within the framework of the consolidation of Italian Opera in Spain. Despite the liberty enjoyed by non-Spanish musicians they were still obliged to seek out the protection of the most noble families to be found in Spain at that time. The example shown by the Duquesa de Osuna can be seen as emblematic in this regard.

A model that could be favourably compared to other relations of patronage and protection as practised in the rest of Europe. Il sistema delle orchestre e dei cori giovanili di Abreu nel contesto occidentale. It makes sense to transfer this experience in the wealthy West where the discomfort takes different forms? The answer is positive: The group is a perfect example of positive interdependence, commitment and responsibility, emblem of the community, micro-ideal society. Tolerance, inclusion, shared goals: The System of Abreu is the credible alternative to the traditional way of teaching music, cold and elitist, and it stresses the importance of teachers in their role of great responsibility, both pedagogical and psychological.

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