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No matter what the functional benefit or added value, it has to meet the sensory characteristics that a consumer is used to, while having the next generation of health benefits that make it desirable, and the commercial and market viability to make it a success. IFP has made it a priority to develop a strong understanding of trending ingredients and trending platforms so we can achieve the better-for-you ingredient label with the same great sensory appeal consumers have come to expect and enjoy.

However, many natural botanical ingredients can present formulation challenges, he continued.

Food is essential to life

At AFS we recognize these challenges; and through our years of expertise in extraction, we remove certain impurities, making our ingredients more water-soluble and with a more neutral flavor profile. AFS has rigid standards for sourcing ingredients. There are many checks and balances and we audit our suppliers to ensure they are up to that challenge.

It takes a lot of time and resources to travel the world for ethical sourcing, but AFS is dedicated to this principle and its implementation. Angelich, one of the greatest technical challenges today for the flavor industry is to develop flavor systems that deliver great taste to product formulations that contain healthy, efficacious ingredients. For example, products containing omega-3s, botanicals, greens, added vitamins and minerals, and alternative protein sources such as pea, whey, soy and hemp can often be unacceptable from a taste perspective among consumers.

Beverages can be bought online from Amazon, or from weight management clubs and organizations, multi-level marketers, specialty websites, home food delivery companies like Peapod, and meal preparation services like Blue Apron—and additionally from mass merchandisers, big box stores, convenience stores, drug stores, gas stations, food courts, and health clubs and gyms. The brand also launched two new products: The former are made with Greek-style yogurt while the latter feature coffee as a primary ingredient and deliver 20 grams of protein along with a caffeine amount similar to a cup of coffee.

At 10 calories and 1 gram of sugar or less, Suja Pressed Probiotic Waters offer a subtle sweetness with no additives.

Healthy Beverage Market Overflowing With Opportunities

Containing 2 billion colony-forming units CFUs of vegan probiotics, these waters provide a clean dose of immune and digestive benefits, according to the company. Suja Pressed Probiotic Waters are available in four flavors: Post Holdings , St. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors, the shakes help rebuild muscle, replace a meal or can be used as a healthy snack on the go, according to the company. Each variety contains 1 gram of sugar, 35 mg vitamin C, mg polyphenols, and chlorogenic acid from coffeefruit extract and white tea extract, as well as natural caffeine 35 mg.

Healthy Beverage Market Overflowing With Opportunities - Nutraceuticals World

Abbott Laboratories , Abbott Park, IL, has developed Ensure Enlive, a balanced nutrition drink designed to help consumers rebuild lost muscle and regain strength and energy. The product contains 20 grams of protein and HMB beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate. The product is available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavors. NextFoods , Boulder, CO, creators of the GoodBelly line of probiotic drinks, introduced GoodBelly Protein Shakes, which contain 15 grams of plant-based protein and 40 billion live and active probiotic cultures.

The juices are available in select markets in six flavors: Soulful Greens cayenne and lemon , Love Greens beet and ginger , Grateful Greens kale and mint and Joyful Greens ginger and lemongrass. The market is expected to double over the next five years, primarily driven by rapid growth in Asia-Pacific. These are generally combined to provide a targeted package of taste, convenience and lifestyle with a well-being appeal.

Botanicals Energy Immunity Botanical. Medical Nutrition Vitamins Omega-3s. Getting Ahead of the Curve: We know food is a huge and growing market. Sustainable Cities and Communities. Responsible Consumption and Production.

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We all have to eat. Goal 13 is a no-brainer: Food production contributes around a quarter of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

On top of that, meat consumption is a major health issue. The FAO monitors fish stocks globally. The challenge of bringing wild fisheries into sustainable management is huge, and the stakes are large: In other words, this is one SDG where food really can fix it. The life on land goal challenges the world to protect, restore and sustainably use terrestrial ecosystems, manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss.

Sustainable growth in the food and drink industry

Food production is a huge culprit behind these issues: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. We research motivators for behaviour change, for example with the International Union of Nutrition Sciences. We use our knowledge to play a leading role in industry-wide, self-regulating initiatives that encourage better products, better diets and better lives.

The Global Nutrition Report showed that progress, by governments, health authorities and industry, is not being made fast enough to address the dual burden of malnutrition: We need more collective action from a wide range of stakeholders to help people change their eating habits. In addition, we are seeing increased regulation on the food industry as a tool to help drive change and force quicker action on nutrients of concern. We have a firmly established programme of driving down salt, saturated fat, sugar and calories in many products. We are stepping up our work on micronutrient fortification, for example, through iron-fortified bouillon cubes in Nigeria and Kenya.

This will ensure our products reach more people, including those in lower income groups. We are also focusing more on digital promotion of healthy recipes for our brands, using consistent standards that emphasise key nutrients as well as healthy ingredients. While we know that much more work needs to be done, and are determined to play our part, we are pleased that our work to date has been recognised and will continue our efforts towards Sustainable Nutrition.

We are delivering even better products so that we can have a bigger positive impact on heart health, obesity and undernutrition, and we follow a responsible labelling and marketing policy. Reducing our environmental impact in Foods and Refreshment. Our ambitious nutrition targets have the potential to help hundreds of millions of people to enjoy great food and better diets. We will continually work to improve the taste and nutritional quality of all our products. The majority of our products meet, or are better than, benchmarks based on national nutritional recommendations. Our commitment goes further: This will help hundreds of millions of people to achieve a healthier diet.

Meeting HNS — a more stringent approach by Unilever based on national nutritional recommendations — is a significant commitment. It involves reformulating our products to make great-tasting food and beverages that consumers enjoy while meeting our stretching targets. The majority of our portfolio already meets benchmarks based on national nutritional recommendations. A great deal of reformulation is underway in all our product divisions and we have made significant progress on reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat, while also delivering positive nutrition as part of our Sustainable Nutrition strategy.

We continually share our progress and approach with nutrition and public health experts so that they can also talk about the benefits of our products with consumers. Our approach to reformulating our portfolio has been endorsed externally: We are working hard to deliver these improvements for the millions of people who enjoy our food and beverages every day.

The world’s food system is broken

See a summary of our performance against our global nutrition targets in our top countries in See Independent Assurance for our approach to assurance. This is the number of targets we have achieved. This is the number of targets we are on track to achieve. This is the number of targets we are currently not on track. This is the percentage of the target we are on track to achieve. Please see Independent Assurance for more details of our assurance programme across the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

Our first milestone was to reduce salt levels to 6g per day by the end of In , we clarified our commitment. We are on track towards our target. Our Foods and Refreshment category and Food Solutions professional catering business continue to implement agreed salt reduction plans, while delivering great taste. Consumer acceptance is a key success factor for salt reduction. Great-tasting products will have the most impact because we know consumers will not give up taste for health. We also continue to work with governments, health authorities and healthcare professionals to address the triggers and barriers that people experience in adopting healthier habits, given that current population salt intakes significantly exceed recommended levels.

We are committed to improving the fat composition of our products by reducing saturated fat as much as possible and increasing levels of essential fats.

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We want to improve further the fat quality of all the soft vegetable oil spreads that we sell in tubs. In , we extended our commitment.