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Crispy Andouille Hush Puppies. If you have seafood on the table, you need a few hush puppies too. Old-School Squash Casserole Recipe.

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Make the most of the harvest with this old-school and ever-delicious casserole recipe. Cheese Puffs with Ham Salad. You just can't have an elegant Southern luncheon without an array of dainty ham salad tea sandwiches. Not a Mint Julep fan? Classic Skillet Cornbread The best way to make classic Southern cornbread? Double-Crust Chicken Pot Pies.

Every Southern baker needs an old-fashioned cake recipe for those occasions when they want to impress. This one does the trick.

Southern Tuna Macaroni Salad ~ Easy | Divas Can Cook

Easy Chicken and Dumplings. Our Easiest Chicken and Dumplings. Don't forget to set up a Southern-style Bloody Mary bar for your guests. Hugh's Southern Mac and Cheese. Every Southern cook knows that sometimes it just has to be mac and cheese. Sometimes nothing else will do. Cream Cheese Pound Cake.

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This recipe is a classic for a reason. Shrimp and Okra Gumbo. When the weather turns grey and gloomy—or when you have a sick kid in the house—a batch of baked potato soup is a must-make. While every Southerner does barbecue differently, this is a great starter recipe for anyone new to the dish. Shout Hallelujah Potato Salad. When barbecue is on the grill, potato salad needs to be on the table.

Heavenly Key Lime Pie. Three of our favorite things—chicken and biscuits and cobbler—combine to create this classic Southern comfort food. Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie. No Southerner can make it through autumn without running into a pecan pie or two. This skillet version is a delicious take on the classic. Cheese Grits and Roasted Tomatoes. Make a batch of cheesy grits and pair with a double batch of our fan-favorite Roasted Tomatoes for a stunner of a side dish any time of day.

3 Tasty Summer Salad Recipes - C&D collaboration with Mind over Munch!

How do you make your okra? Whether grilled , fried , or pickled , it is a Southern classic of the highest order. Grilled Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches. How to Make Pimiento Cheese. There are a million and one ways to make chicken salad, but no matter the method, every Southerner should know how to whip up a batch.

Close View all gallery. Fried Green Tomatoes Watch the Video: Fried Green Tomatoes This super-Southern dish is so popular that there have been books and films dedicated to it. Perfect Buttermilk Biscuits When in doubt, whip up a batch of classic buttermilk biscuits. Classic Southern Sweet Tea Do you take your tea sweet?

It's under calories per serving! Enjoy this Lowcountry favorite without the guilt! We reduced the calories to a serving. It seems too good to be true! Baked Smokin' Macaroni and Cheese. This delicious mac and cheese is light on butter and cheese yet still melts in your mouth. Change the flavor profile of the recipe with combinations such as sweet peas and proscuitto or ham and broccoli.

This sweet potato casserole is always going to be amazingly nutty and crunchy, but adding cornflakes cereal to the pecan-brown sugar topping gives the casserole extra crispiness. Each topping tastes beautifully toasty, and comes together in a medley of flavors all rolled into a single bite. Set this down on the sideboard for a buffet-style Thanksgiving meal and your friends and family will be piling their plates high.

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This chocolate pudding is everything you dream of—chocolaty rich, silky smooth, and light on calories! This zesty stir-fry offers restaurant-style flavor for a fraction of the calories. Smoked paprika and dark sesame oil add depth to this stir-fry. Serve over precooked brown rice or soba noodles. Sage-and-Pecan Pork Tenderloin Cutlets. Instead of fried pork chops, try these pork tenderloin cutlets. Tenderloin is low in fat, and this recipe is "fried" with just enough heart-healthy oil for the crispy crunch you crave!

Lean ham and fat-free broth offer the good flavor of the original dish minus the added saturated fat. Beans add extra fiber too! If you're craving a loaded-out pizza, give this veggie pizza a try! A whole wheat crust topped with roasted sweet potatoes and other colorful veggies ups the good-for-you-factor without skimping on flavor. For this healthier version of carrot cake, we reduced the fat in the batter by using less vegetable oil and sugar, yet it is still as moist as traditional cakes.

We also reduced the butter and used reduced-fat cream cheese for the frosting, without losing the flavor! Take advantage of this golden veggie in a lightened version of squash casserole. The combo of cornflakes and French fried onions adds an irresistible crunch without adding too many calories. If you love Key lime pie, you'll hear angels sing Jimmy Buffett tunes when you taste how rich this version is without all the fat!

Slow-Cooker Red Beans and Rice. Smoked turkey sausage, bell peppers, and red beans come together in this classic, easy slow-cooker recipe. Serve over long-grain rice for an amazing meal. Quick-Fix Red Beans and Rice. Grab a knife and fork, and dig in. There's no guilt behind these hot browns—they're lightened and full of flavor. Typically, this open-faced Kentucky classic is made with a heavy cheese sauce, but we found a way to deliver the same richness without all the saturated fat. We lowered the fat and calories by substituting applesauce for some of the oil, using less butter and sugar, fewer eggs, and substituting light for regular cream cheese.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches. These simply-seasoned grilled pork tenderloin sandwiches are topped with a sweet onion barbecue sauce and served on whole wheat buns.

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Add vitamin-rich leafy greens, such as romaine lettuce, Bibb lettuce, or peppery arugula. Light King Ranch Casserole. If you think cutting calories means giving up the foods you love, think again.

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This top-rated makeover is every bit as creamy and satisfying as the full-fat original. Layered Lima Bean Dip. A hearty serving of Layered Lima Bean Dip clocks in at only calories. Top lightly with shredded cheese and bacon. This updated Southern classic is made with a creamy herb mixture that has fewer fat grams but still all the flavor of the traditional recipes. These oven-fried chicken drumsticks have a satisfyingly crunchy texture.

Increase both the color and the flavor of your cornbread stuffing by adding cubed butternut squash, sweet potato, and Granny Smith apple. Serve refreshing sweet tea to guests without a tinge of guilt. This green tea version is sweetened with honey and flavored with orange and lime. At 68 calories per cup, you may find a new summer favorite. Enjoy banana bread without all the guilt with this healthy banana bread recipe.

For more recipes like this, see our Quick Bread Recipes. This pudding delivers a velvety rich custard, ripe banana flavor, vanilla wafers so soft they melt in your mouth, and an irresistible golden-baked meringue topping. All this, and it's lower in fat and calories than traditional versions. These make great individual party desserts, or make it in an 8-inch square pan.

We love it with extra wafers. Put a summertime spin on this traditional Southern dish of beans and corn by mixing with lemon juice and chives and serving cold. This vegetable lasagna showcases a plethora of fresh veggies from zucchini, to mushrooms, to red and yellow bell peppers. Stovetop Red Beans and Rice.

Southern Dishes Everyone Should Know How to Make

Here's a low-fat version of the Louisiana favorite with all the classic, cue-the-trombones flavor you'd expect in this hearty dish. Mixed Fruit Chicken Salad. For extra fiber and a boost of antioxidants, serve over dark greens. Drizzle salad with Orange-Raspberry Vinaigrette. Mediterranean flavors abound in Greek Chicken Salad. Serve this chicken salad on toasted pita bread wedges. Baby spinach and sun-dried tomatoes add flavor and color to this tasty chicken salad. Serve on whole grain flatbread. This chicken salad is full of bold flavor with ingredients such as red curry paste, fresh cilantro, and golden raisins mixed together.

Try it on baked egg roll wrappers. Get that familiar golden crunch of fried green tomatoes with heart-healthy oil and a nonstick pan. Roasted Vegetable Loaded Potatoes. A healthy spin on the traditional loaded baked potatoes.