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But really, is anyone buying these at these prices?

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First one was a nostalgic ok but the second one was a joyless,awful experience. All times are GMT. The time now is Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. Page 1 of 4. Old Hill, West Midlands Blu-ray collection: Send a private message to mattyl Find More Posts by mattyl United Kingdom Blu-ray collection: Send a private message to CouncilSpectre. Find More Posts by CouncilSpectre.

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Swanage, Engerland Blu-ray collection: Send a private message to Geoff D. Visit Geoff D's homepage!

England Home Theater Gallery: Send a private message to Gizz. Find More Posts by Gizz. Sep Blu-ray collection: Send a private message to probedb. Find More Posts by probedb. Send a private message to CrockettandTubbs. Find More Posts by CrockettandTubbs. Send a private message to Dickieduvet. Find More Posts by Dickieduvet. Wirral, England Blu-ray collection: Send a private message to Rocklandsboy. Find More Posts by Rocklandsboy. Send a private message to HornyRhino". Find More Posts by HornyRhino". Originally Posted by HornyRhino" i love these films. Send a private message to cotts Find More Posts by cotts Watsonville, California Blu-ray collection: Originally Posted by cotts Yeah an Arrow box set would have been nice.

Jul Home Theater Gallery: It's low budget, it's action packed and it's probably cheesy as hell, so we can't wait to get our hands on a copy when it's released on October 28th courtesy of Medium Rare Entertainment. The creators and stars are both musicians, Fred Armisen Trenchmouth and Carrie Brownstein Sleater-Kinney , and the show — like most of the food consumed on it — was grown organically.

Together , purely for their own entertainment, they'd made a series of short online character comedy skits under the name of Thunderant, which they shot in and around Brownstein's Portland home. These caught the eye of Lorne Michaels , legendary producer of Saturday Night Live a show Armisen has only just left the cast of. Then the hipster-baiting world of Portlandia opened for business,. Historically and outside of the Hollywood mainstream horror is never afraid to push the boundaries. This is why at times we hit on the stranger of films, like for example Vampire Ecstasy , an adventure into the world of sexploitation and not one of the best.

The basic story, and only story to Vampire Ecstasy , is a group of young girls are invited to. The Bloody Judge Stars: Vincent Price created a character that was memorable and strangely likable, even if we wanted him to fail in his dastardly deeds and die a grisly death. The most interesting thing about The Bloody Judge is that it was based on a real historical figure.

Christopher Lee swops his cape for a wig and gown to play the notorious Judge Jeffreys, a real-life 17th century witchfinder who showed a ruthless, sadistic justice. His growing obsession with a local wench Maria Rohm fuels a jaw-dropping spree of torture, brutality and flesh-ripping perversion. Surviving Life "This was supposed to be a regular feature film, but since we didn't have the money we had to use a much simpler technique: While the cutout technique may save on a lot of overheads, it still demanded an awful lot of work. Svankmajer took tens of thousands of photographs of his actors in various different positions and expressions, then mixed and matched performances out of them under the animation stand.

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The results look like a mix of Terry Gilliam 's work for Monty Python and some forgotten Eastern Bloc kids' TV show — a strange, wonderful and surreal trip. The film follows office drone Evzen, who escapes into dreams, meets a "dream woman", and even starts a family with her. But this is no blissful idyll,.


Because it would probably be delicious and I might even have a bite based on the tenderness of the paws alone. Better late than never, right? McNally , a quirky surveillance expert, for help.

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Meanwhile, Bobby continues to search for a way to kill the Leviathans, or at least slow them down,. Last week's episode of " Supernatural " ended in a familiar place with Sam and Dean on the outs once again, but thanks to the preview trailer and clip we have for the upcoming Episode 7. They discover that an angry spirit is killing off the psychics one by one, but in a town full of people who claim to be summoning spirits, they have a little trouble identifying the medium controlling the ghost. For more visit " Supernatural " on The CW. Visit The Evilshop Amazon!

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Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which means the holiday episodes of most TV shows are airing the week before, including those on The CW, but that doesn't mean genre fans don't have more to look forward to, as evidenced by the just released synopses of " The Vampire Diaries " Episode 3.

This dinner is both delicious and decadent. Bring a bit of royalty to your own home with this recipe from Jason Potter , the renowned chef at R Lounge and the Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel, known for his focus on the natural flavors in his ingredients.

Steak and kale by chef Jason Potter: Vinyl and Foo Fighters lovers rejoice: