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The bear heard a gentle humming coming from a clear spot of ice up ahead; he turned and walked to wards it, drawn in by the humming. This was Ragnar, the first of nine ice bears, to rule the ice and protect the fire tear. With this, the tale ends, but also leads to another which the Inuit know as their ancestors mistake; The Legend of Oomara.

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Seven Turns of ice later, an Inuit tribe called Savalik had become the victims of a terrible famine, seal were no where to be seen. One day, a hunter returns empty handed to find his son dead from starvation, so the hunter builds a ceremonial shrine and lays his child onto it wrapped in furs. Sometime later, an ice cub finds the dead child and begins to devour him, as the ice cub was starving as well.

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But the hunter is afraid, as ice bears are powerful and rule the ice. So the hunter ask the shaman how he can kill the ice cub without bringing its soul into his house, to which the shaman tells him to take a bone of his dead son and strike the cub once on his forehead. The mark of Oomara. The ice cub was the cub of the nanukapik Ragnar, meaning greatest bear. The cub was named Oomara.

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Ragnar had a role to protect the fire tear, so Oomara has lead to taking on the role of guiding Dragons, keeping them safe, to one day avenge his death. Log in Sign Up.

She crossed in front of him and went into the half of the cave that was filled with light while he went to the half that was filled with darkness. Kaiden followed the path as well as he could in the darkness.

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It wasn't before long he felt this pulsating vibration in his head. The further into the cave he went the brighter the cave got. Soon the pulsating became a noise, which then became a voice.

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It called to him, led him through the maze of stones that would belong to other dragons. The voice led him to a mound of rock, Tears surrounding the base but the further up the rock you looked you could see that no Tears decorated it's sides. The top of the rock seemed to be illuminated by a small light and as Kaiden reached the base of the rock he could see no source for the light. The voice was leading up the rock so Kaiden carefully crawled up the rock until he reached the top.

The top looked as if it had been carved out into the shape of a bowl.

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There, nestled together, were four Tears. They were all a different color, one black, another green, beside that a red one, and last but not least a blue.

The Cave of Dragon Tears - Chapter 3

But it was none of these Tears that filled with all of his un-shed Tears like the Elder Fieren had said. But the voice insisted it was there! Obeying it, Kaiden looked at all the tears and saw that, if you looked hard enough through the center of one, you could see just the faintest outline of something behind the blue Tear.

He took the stone and shifted it's position, revealing part of a white Tear.

The glow of that small part of the white Tear shone through the opening Kaiden had made and illuminated a section of the dark cave, bouncing of the side of every Tear it touched. Quickly, he moved the green and red Tears to rest by the blue and cradled the white stone in his paws. It was shining as bright as sunlight on new-fallen snow.