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I would've liked less battle and more about each of the three main characters and more "what happens next. Needed more back story for each of three main characters and fewer anti-matter bombs. I thought the penultimate end was just wrong -- I don't want to say anything more because I don't want to add spoilers. Would I buy another book by Dandridge? One person found this helpful. The thing that stands out most about this book is, it's a really fantasy.

Sort of a neat story, though at times the battles seem a little drawn out and tedious. Having said that, some of the premises of the tale really don't hold water, at least to me. To start with, the group hive type of civilization lives in a small universe that is alien to our form of life. So alien that we could not survive, unprotected, in it for even a few seconds.

And yet, creatures from that universe don't find our environment so alien to them that they can survive quite nicely.

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The solution to saving the world and defeating the bad guys left me a little cold. Our heroin, along with the child and the man have to become GODS. I think that the book would have been more satisfying if science, ingenuity and bravery had some how found a solution to this big threat. I really like some of the authors books, but this one wasn't up to the others standards.

But then, I'm not a big fan of fantasy books. The story plot is very good, the writing and descriptions are also good. Characters are interesting but often quite one dimensional. At several points logic was tenuous at best. The Captains stubborn denial of what her very skeptical crew had already accepted as being fact being one, another being the mutiny that was simply irrational at every level. Fleet battles with the entities went on and on forever despite the fact it was all futile.

And finally, the end was not satisfying. Yeah, I'm a happy ending person, and while this does have a happy ending of sorts, I wasn't happy. This is a very good story but it could be rewritten into a much better book. A little slow in the start but picking up rapidly as the story progressed. Really interesting characters with the potential for a second novel or more in the future. One of my favorite story tellers. This is the first book that I read that correctly captures the vastness of space within the solar system itself and the huge population it can support.

We are finally talking hundreds of billions of sentients instead of a few million on a "colonized" planet. We are talking thousands of mega-ships instead of a couple here and there. I had read one of the author's books when it was free. I liked it and decided to read another one and I liked it even better. It was fun to read a book where the good guys do well. The science fiction aspect is tens of thousands of years in the future and I was impressed with the descriptions. I'd certainly recommend this book and now I'm off to try another one. I thourly enjoyed reading this book.

I am going to try some more of these. I was continuasly entertained by it.

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I like these short story and novelette collections because not only are they fun to write, they are good practice for writing short fiction. There will be some Tales of the Empire standalone novels as well, covering the history of the Empire. I will also write book 5 of the Refuge series, closing in on the finish.

I expect 6 books will complete it. Maybe some time in the future I can restart it. In two weeks I will be releasing the first book of the second Deep Dark Well trilogy. I wrote this book back in , prior to releasing my first self pubbed work. I love the storyline, and it opens up an entirely new Universe with endless possibilities. I will probably release a book a year until the trilogy is finished, then see what happens.

I have two short stories for invitation only anthologies I need to submit by January 31 st , and another two for additional invitation only anthologies in May. And at least one, maybe two, novel submissions for traditional publishers. Now, several popular traditionally published authors have asked me why I would want a publishing contract. The answer is to get more readers. I would like to lock in a series with preferably Baen, do a book a year for them, maybe two, and spend the rest of the time putting out self pubbed.

I think I can make it work to the mutual advantage of the publisher and myself. I have more series in mind for the future. I hope to avoid the same mistakes in the future. I have several space opera series in mind, a standalone sublight warfare novel, possibly an urban fantasy, some alternate history, and a solar system warfare series. And maybe some military post-apocalyptic stuff. Bolthole on Wednesday night to Amazon, which meant it was up for sale by early Thursday morning. The second book in the spinoff series, this volume deals more with the death machines built by the humans three centuries before that had gone beyond their programming, to kill the enemies of the Empire, to the much broader mandate of kill all life.

I loved being able to put out this series, but from the comments and reviews of both the first book, and soon after the release of this book, not everyone agrees. I think Bolthole is one of the best novels I have ever written, filled with action, chock full of life or death situations.

The machines are not as advanced as the current Empire, but have several advantages, such as not having to worry about the effects of inertia on frail organic passengers. Supernova was really a book intended to introduce another species I felt was vital to the war effort without just saying that they were found under a rock. The machine aspect introduced itself to my imagination about halfway through the first draft, and I ran with it from there. One comment on the first book was that most authors finish a series before they start a new one. I love reading David Weber, for all the faults of his writing he tells entertaining stories.

David has Honor Harrington as well as several Honorverse side series, Safehold, and some stand alones. But it made sense to get the second series going while the first was still doing well. Storylines could give away aspects of other storylines. For example, if I finished out the Empires at War storyline, then all of my readers would know that whoever survived that narrative would be in no danger in the Machine War tract. The other factor has to do with coming up with new ideas. I have received reviews that pointed out how the Empires at War series keeps getting better, with fresh ideas in each volume.

One of the common tropes of writing is that ideas are easy to come by. This is partially true. I have enough ideas to write a hundred books if given the time to complete them. But not in the Exodus series. New ideas in a series that is now over a million words do not come all that easy, and two or three books a year are about all I can do now and keep up the quality. Machine War gives me another outlet to write in that Universe, and also helps to generate ideas that might not go into that series, but instead into Empires at War. I have other plans for the Exodus Universe.

I will put out several more Tales of the Empire books. I have theme ideas for two or three more collections of novellas, and for a couple of stand alone novels. Two ideas are Constance, about the Admiral who revolted against a mad emperor and became empress, and The Chase of a Thousand Years, detailing the contact with the Cacas that led to the destruction of Earth and the thousand year run to a new start. I talked with an artist friend of mine at my class reunion, and I hope to have the Cacas I envisioned gracing the cover of a future Empires at War book.

I also have some other books, including another Deep Dark Well novel that is a start to a second trilogy, that I wrote before I embarked on an independent career. The plan is to become a hybrid, using the tradition avenue to grow readership for my independent works. And then there are the Refuge books. I owe it to those readers to at least come to a closing point on that series, though I am also hoping that the new covers I have commissioned might breath some new life into a fantasy world that is close to my heart.

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So Bolthole is out, and I hope my fans will enjoy it. And I plan to continue that series to a conclusion as well. Something kind of cool happened this last week. One of my eBooks recorded its six thousandth sale. It garnered my first review, a three star due to formatting problems that was later raised to a five star when said problems were corrected. That and several other good reviews helped me to get over the initial fear of putting more stuff up. Still, it probably sold twenty copies in its first eight months. Not really ground breaking. It was also my first giveaway on Amazon, 4, copies going in five days, and kick started the whole Exodus: Empires at War series, released two months later.

Still not my most successful book. Seven of the nine Exodus books have outsold it, some by large margins. Book 1 has sold over 23, copies, while three other books have gone over 10,, with one more surely due to break that mark before the end of the year. The Deep Dark Well was the first far future book I ever wrote. When her ship encounters a passenger vessel from the future, she leaps into a wormhole to escape the paradox destroying reaction of the Universe, and finds herself on an enormous station built around a black hole, forty thousand years in the future.

This was my first big concept novel as well, a tribute to people like Larry Niven and Poul Anderson. It was also the first novel to garner not one, but two long personal rejections that gave me some hope I could actually do this writing thing. It validates one of the main concepts of the Self-publishing Revolution. What I have learned in several workshops is that, according to the old traditional model, you had to sell or die, quickly. Under the traditional model there was a five thousand book run for most new authors.

The books went to the bookstores, and the clock started ticking. You can sell as many as a traditionally published book has to sell in a couple of weeks over a period of years and still consider it a successful property. The Deep Dark Well has sold thirty copies so far this month, about average for the last two years. I expect it will continue selling about that much each month for years to come.

Not a great deal of revenue each month, but over time? It all adds up. I have written so many more books since then, some much better that TDDW. Practice may never make perfect, but it normally results in improvement. It still holds a place in my heart as the book that started my self publishing career. And, as I learned from Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, as a professional author, every little trickle of revenue helps to feed the rushing stream of your total income. So today I celebrate the slow, quiet success of this novel which started the whole writing career going.

I had been keeping this spreadsheet since August of , which discounts the forty to sixty books I had sold from January through September across multiple outlets. And in August of I had only sold twenty-two books. The Deep Dark Well was my big seller that month with eight books.

In November Exodus 1 took off, with sales, then ,1, in December, along with 1, copies of Exodus 2. January was the real eye opener, the one that really let me think I could do this for a living, as I sold 8, ebooks, including 3, of Exodus 1, 2, of Exodus 2, and of TDDW. Heady days, and I made the decision to quit the State of Florida and go full time in the Fall of that year. Since then, my worst month has been 1, in July of My best, after that eye opening January, was 7, in May of Book 7 of the Exodus series came out August 20th, and has already sold over 4, copies, while September is turning out to be another great month.

What it comes to is , total sales in just a little more than twenty-four and a half months August can be thrown out of that calculation, since I was over K by more than I had sold in that entire month. I was hoping when I got into this self-publishing thing that I would be successful. Success defined as enough money, along with my day job, to get by and possibly get ahead.

By that definition I have been successful beyond my wildest dreams. I work for myself. I travel where I want to go when I want to. Not a big house, a nice little three bedroom two bath that I can fix the way I want. Enough for me, without being a big job keeping up. Big time authors, and people in the early part of their careers. My kind of people. And the many fans I have met, a few in person, most over the net. On the same day I sold my hundred thousandth book among ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks, I signed a contract with Kevin J Anderson to appear in the third volume of his Five by Five military science fiction series, coming soon.

Looking forward to the coming year, and some more books to put out there, more people to meet. And hopefully come some steps closer to become a hybrid author, publishing in both the traditional and self-pub realms. I am working on a fantasy submission for Baen books right now, along with book four of the Refuge series. Tomorrow will be a blog interview with Cornelius Walborski, the Hunter from the Exodus: Empires of War series.

The question is, will it be enough? Or will the brainwashing tyrant of the New Galactic Empire, the Immortal Emperor Alphonso Kitticaris, reign supreme over a slave empire with no end. Right now the book is available on Amazon here.

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Later next week I will try to get the paperback version up on Createspace. I have a finished first draft of the first book of a second trilogy set in that Universe, but due to the demand for Exodus, I will be waiting to put it out. Counter Strike, should be available by the last week of August. Currently I am at 60, words of the hopefully , word novel. A can be seen above, the cover is ready to go. After that novel I will finish the fourth book of the Refuge series. It will require at least another book after that one to finish off that series, or at least the beginning, though I still have not given up hope on it as a viable effort in the future.

And then on to the next Exodus novel. And now, an excerpt of Deeper and Darker. According to the navigation computer the battleship he was on, as well as the rest of the force, was a little over halfway to its destination. They were in hyper VII, with a pseudospeed of over thirty-five thousand times light. The borders of the New Terran Empire were over three thousand light years from the Supersystem, and the core system of that polity was a thousand light years from that border.

It was a fifty-two day trip overall, counting time to accelerate and decelerate back down, one that his own ships could make in a little over thirteen days. And just our bad luck that the bastards had to be so close to us. He had been checking out the databases about the Empire, and what he saw was chilling. They had quadrupled the size of their empire in the last hundred years, and it was increasing at a geometric rate.

At its present expansion it would double again in the next twenty years, then again ten years later. There were twelve other multi-star system governments in that threatened space, and none of them stood a chance against the Empire. The Empire was ruled by a single human male, one who had lived for over five hundred years, and looked as if he had no intention of dying anytime soon.

It was a totalitarian regime that brooked no dissension or interference with its plans and policies. Just the kind of government Watcher despised. Watcher linked back in with the ship, this time going beyond the safe confines that he had set himself, going straight into the heart of the security programs.

The Deep Dark Well Series by Doug Dandridge

He had been here before, for fleeting instants, checking out the sensitivity of the programs to intruders, learning what he could get away with. Now he took some steps beyond those boundaries. He had determined that now was the best time to escape, while they were still outside the borders of the Empire, while he only had to escape and avoid these ships. He looked through the security system and noted that all the nearby corridors were empty. There were security personnel on duty in the surveillance room that oversaw this block of cells and there sure were enough of those on what was supposed to be a warship.

The rest of the corridors leading to his planned destination were as empty as could be during the late night cycle of the ship, when the only people up were those who had duty stations to man. For a moment he had the access to make the ship do anything he wanted. That access was only momentary, and would give away the game, but he could do it.

He set the security systems to indicate that his cell was occupied, and that the door had remained closed, even while it was opening to his front. The sensors at the security station would continue to monitor his calm heartbeat, while the visual pickups would show a lifelike image of himself, pieced together from hundreds of hours of surveillance recordings, sitting on his bed, or sleeping, or any of a thousand other actions.

Watcher slipped through the door, glancing in both directions, his superior mind filling in every detail with that one look. The cell door closed behind him, and he started moving the direction he wanted, his own location appearing in his optical centers on a schematic of the ship. The battleship massed fifteen million tons, and measured well over two kilometers by eight hundred meters. There were six thousand people aboard, spacemen and marines.

If he had to fight his way through them all he was dead. But so far it was looking very good that he might be able to sneak through to where he wanted to be. After that, it would be up to his skills at manipulating the computer to get off the ship and away, spoofing their sensors and dropping off their plot. The armory he had scoped out was ahead and to the right.

Its lock was no more advanced than that of his cell, and the thick door slid in and to the side as he approached.

Publication Order of Deep Dark Well Books

Of course, there was an inner door on a separate circuit, but that was only a microsecond of effort to open it in the same way. Inside the armory was rack after rack of weapons, as well as some various sizes of body armor.

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  6. No powered armor, which was a bit disappointing, but not really unexpected. Naval powered armor would be stored where the crew could get to it during battle alerts, while the marine version would be kept by their quarters.