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Rather because of the slow thoroughness to the language Warner uses to anchor the story in backcountry living. You get the sense that life has a much slower pace — as one might expect when the fastest mode of travel involves horses. This does not translate as boring however, far from it. The writing style and language is engaging.

I enjoyed getting to know Daniel, his daily life experiences and musings. Clearly, Daniel is an intuitive, something probably not really discussed or perhaps even fully examined back in She chose a straightforwardness to it, presented it in a matter-of-fact way as I could imagine it being discussed or not during that time period.

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There was a brief sanity check and then an acceptance and life moved on. No navel gazing or wonderment at the specialness of it Read the full review as posted at The Book Pushers: Dec 24, Regan Walker rated it it was amazing Shelves: Christmas in the Rockies with a Mystery and a Twist Set in , this is the story of Daniel Hobart, a furniture maker who escapes from the South to the Rockies to heal from the death of his wife and young son at the end of the Civil War.

Since October he has been building a dollhouse for reasons unknown even to him. Buried under snow, he hears a child crying.

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When Daniel learns that the beautiful young widow Lacy Ellis lost a young daughter a year ago who fits the description of the girl who appeared to him, Daniel goes looking for the child. He thinks she may have been taken with a wagon train moving west. Lacy decides to go with him, believing this may be one last chance to find her daughter. Along the way, much happens as Daniel solves the mystery and he and Lacy fall in love. This is a well-written story that will capture you from the beginning. It definitely has elements that take it into the supernatural but they seem to fit.

Warner depicts the West with the knowledge of one who has lived there and she brings the snow-laden Christmas season to the reader with enough realism to have you reaching for a sweater. Daniel is a very worthy, yet wounded hero. The ending is heartwarming. A great holiday read--and as a novella, a short one.

Esther's Miracle — New Hope Initiative

Feb 13, Julie Lence rated it it was amazing Shelves: Honestly, I hated to put this book down and finished it in two sessions. Set during the Christmas season in snow-packed Colorado, Daniel lost his wife and son during the Civil War. He took a job dynamiting for the Railroad, where a blast left him with a jagged scar on the side of his face. Somewhat scary in appearance and needing time to heal emotional wounds, Daniel keeps to himself in the small cabin outside of New Hope.

To pass the time, he crafts furniture. The only bright spot in his life is the woman he sometimes catches a glimpse of when he ventures into town. A pretty face, Lacy is haunted by her own demons. And when Daniel begins to hear Lacy's deceased daughter speak to him, he and Lacy, along with Lacy's brother, set out on a quest to either find Hannah or prove Daniel has lost his senses. Miracle In New Hope is one of those stories that grabs your attention and doesn't let go.

I sympathized with both Daniel and Lacy's emotional losses and couldn't read fast enough when they embarked on their journey to find Hannah. Every time they came upon a settlement or a new clue, I found myself hoping for Hannah to appear and run to her mother. And the romance that blossoms between Daniel and Lacy is sweet and poignant. Nov 23, Christina rated it it was amazing. Cozy, sweet, and yet suspenseful. There is so much to love about a man who goes to extreme lengths to find a little girl he hears calling to him. He knows she is real, but then fears he may be going crazy.

A despairing mother, whose child has been missing, puts all her hope in him. She has no other choice. For some reason could it be love? The "paranormal" aspect to the story made me think of other old-fashioned books I like, such as Emi Cozy, sweet, and yet suspenseful. The "paranormal" aspect to the story made me think of other old-fashioned books I like, such as Emily of New Moon, which has ghostly, mysterious aspects. It is not the "paranormal" of today, but of times past. I adored this story, the surprises and twists, and the characters themselves.

Kaki Warner's settings are always wonderful and easy to envision, and accurate to historical detail. I'm a little biased as I tend to love everything she writes, but I especially enjoyed this shorter novella. It was definitely a page-turner although I read it on my iPhone, so would that be a screen-swiper? Sep 16, Cherise rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Short fluffy read that is sweet and christmassy, with a dash of mystery and magic. I am going through Warner's books like a starved woman out from a seige; I love her style and the way she depicts old times. The plot is intriguing and will have one wanting to eat up the pages just to see what happens next. This is a short one so really with such a convoluted plot, there really isn't much room for romance. The H is nice and so is the h, but there isn't as much inner musings and self reflections a Short fluffy read that is sweet and christmassy, with a dash of mystery and magic.

The H is nice and so is the h, but there isn't as much inner musings and self reflections as her other longer books, so not as multidimensional. All in all though, I still adore this one and think reading this during christmas will make you feel all warm and happy after the final page. As usual Ms Warner has crafted an excellent read. I was drawn in to wanting to know more about the painful past both the main characters battled to survive. As they each struggled just to make one day at a time, fate steps in and brings their paths to meet.

A haunting mystery brings them to a time where they must choose to stay locked in the pain from their prospective tragedies or join together and take a risk that could lead to far more than either dreams could come true.

Miracle in New Hope

A heart warming Great! A heart warming holiday miracle indeed. Dec 29, Sandra Kerns rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Kaki delivers fun and hope in a very enjoyable read. The hero is so well written you'll find yourself tearing up at times. The heroine can be feisty for a woman of her time period and that's always a joy to watch. Even the animal characters have such great personalities you grin at their antics.

Pick this one up today for an enjoyable quiet break from the hubbub of holiday times. Jan 10, Theresa Rizzo rated it it was amazing. Another great read by Ms. This novella really starts off with a bang--rather an avalanche--and keeps the reader turning pages. Characters are interesting and relatable, people I could root for. The hint of paranormal suits the story and is the perfect touch for a little Christmas miracle.

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If anything disappointed, it was only that the story had to end. I highly recommend Miracle in New Hope. Jul 05, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this novella set in Colorado of an injured recluse widower that sees and hears a little girl - whom he later finds out is missing and believed dead.

He's convinced she's alive and the grieving mother and he set out to find her. I found it somewhat hard to put down because you want to find out so much what happens. Not really big on romance, but it's a well written, heart warming tale.

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Dec 03, Tonya Lucas rated it it was amazing. Warner has a beautiful way of bringing warmth to your heart in this inspirational novella. She is very talented in her writing style of delivering her message of believing in hope and love. My first by Kaki Warner, but not my last. She has gained a new fan with this one. Get a copy now and become inspired by Daniel, Lacy, and Hannah's journey. Dec 24, Kate Vale rated it it was amazing. My Kindle is helping me check out books I never would have looked at before.

Such was the case for this Christmas novella; normally, I ignore books aimed at the Christmas season, but this one caught my eye and I couldn't read it fast enough. How disappointed I was when I got to the last page. I'm definitely going to check out other titles by Kaki Warner. Jan 08, Tonya Lucas rated it it was amazing. Jan 02, E. Burke rated it really liked it Shelves: A wonderful Christmas novella that packs an emotional punch.

I stayed up to read this one. Jan 08, Lisa rated it it was amazing. I finished it in 3 nights, an easy read. Great story with mystery, adventure and a little romance. Another great book by Kaki Warner. Read in one day Great way to spend a day off. Genevieve Graham Link to Review: Oct 25, Tracy's Place rated it really liked it. Dec 08, Eileen rated it really liked it Shelves: The book was a very quick read for an afternoon. A bit of supernatural element to it to bring a family together in the end.

Oct 31, Christi Corbett rated it it was amazing. This book grabs you from the first page and the adventures continue until the very last. Jan 09, Claudia rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 11, Sue Grimshaw rated it really liked it. Dec 31, K rated it really liked it.

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Jan 11, Genevieve Graham rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 23, Philippa Lodge rated it really liked it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Kaki Warner is an award-winning author and long time resident of the Pacific Northwest. Although she now lives on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, Kaki actually grew up in the Southwest and is a proud graduate of the University of Texas.

July 21, by admin. This story begins with the incredible life of a young Masai man by the name of Luka. It was here where Luka became a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. A few years ago, his new found faith was severely challenged when he found out his traditional Masai father was going to sell his year old sister to a year old chief with four wives. In an incredible act of grace, Luka and his wife decided to buy his baby sister from his own father and allow her to live with them.

What an incredible act of selfless love! Luka and his wife also have a six-year old daughter named Esther. She was terribly burned on her legs in a fire five weeks ago. Our medical director Dr.

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Byemba has been skillfully and consistently treating her since she was burned, but the condition was getting more complicated. Noticed that she was developing scar tissue that would impair her ability to walk naturally. Doctor Byemba was willing to try a skin graft on Esther, however he has never done this particular procedure before and was a bit uncertain of his ability. The story now takes an amazing turn.