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We are all your mothers. Isn't that better than just having one? Daughter's true story of her Holocaust survivor parent's discovery of the horrifying, unspeakable contents of a crate they found under their cottage.

Inge: A Girl's Journey Through Nazi Europe - Inge J. Bleier, David E. Gumpert - Google Книги

Relationships can be painful, full of abuse and heartbreak but it could always be worse! A survivor's true story about recovery from a psychopath. Product details File Size: Eerdmans Publishing March 1, Publication Date: February 29, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It was found by and then added to by research and interviews of her nephew of others who Inge had lived with. This book was painful to read, but demonstrates once again how hate of a people group effected our entire world. But it also includes the sacrificial and courageous efforts of many who stood up against such incredible evil. One person found this helpful. What a beautiful gift David Gumpert has given to his family, relatives, and all who have been spared from knowing the hardship of war in his story, Inge.

Inge began as a shy girl who eventually finds her own personal power in a fight for her very survival.

Inge: A Girl's Journey Through Nazi Europe

Her compassion for all life shines through in her actions during the many years she struggled to evade the French police and German Nazis as well as to feed herself and the younger children thrown together at Chateau La Hille, in the South of France. Though she found comfort in a few close friends, Inge quickly learned that it was far easier to survive if one remained a loner rather than risk taking on the responsibility for the lives of others.

Beyond the day-to-day struggle, there was the constant worry of what was happening to her mother and grandmother who remained in Germany. As she turned 18, the only real chance at freedom was to escape occupied France and travel to Switzerland, with the help of others and under a pseudonym.

Should she risk it? Allow yourself the chance to read this loving portrait of a life changed forever by circumstance. The story of Inge reinforces the true human capacity for love, which remains long after we are gone. Most books on the Holocaust reflect the horrible trials of those murdered or sent to Concentration Camps. This is a story of a young girl sent by her family to Belgium from Germany before the war. She is tossed into the whirlwind of war and her separation from her family is greatly traumatic for her.

She faces her difficult teen years as a refugee in Southern France. The North of France is occupied by the Nazis, who ultimately control the French Government, both north and south. Each year she grows closer to her 18th birthday, she is painfully aware of the French laws will allow her to be turned over to the Nazis and deported.

She is not alone in her travail. This story tells of the genuine goodness of those who helped shelter her and get her and many of her friends to Switzerland. There is love, loss and decency. A really different prospective. Should be read by all. This book takes you into the life of Inge Joseph who lived threw the Holocaust, but ultimitly could not get past it. Inge Joseph was born in Darmstadt, Germany in She had an older sister and loving parents. When she was young Hitler took power and her life changed. In her father got arrested and shortly afterwards her sister then 16 went to live in America eventually living in Chicago.

Inge and her mother remained in Darmstadt with the help of her father's wealthy cousin. During this time however Inge left Darmstadt and went to live with her cousin in Belgium. After only living with him a short time he and his wife sent her to live in a hostil run by Mr. Frank no relation to Anne. After living there a while, the Nazis invaded Belgium and the Franks sent the girls to France with a group of boys from another hostil in the town they lived in. The kids went to France and stayed in a barn for a while, until the Swiss Red Cross got involved helping them with food, and finding them a castle to live in.

Life was not easy in the barn or castle, but Inge and some of her friends found love. During the time in the castle the oldest of the children were arrested and sent to a concentration camp, but managed to go back to Chateau le Haille the castle. Several months later the person in charge decided that the oldest ones needed to escape. After a failed escape leading to the deaths of Inge's friend and boyfriend Inge made it to Switzerland and finally to the United States to reunite with her father and sister. Inge tried to get over her experiences, married a Austrian Jew and adopted a daughter named Julie, and also became a nurse.


Unfortunitly she was not able to and became addicted to medication that caused her to die in A very interesting story, one can't forget. This one is different than all the rest. I highly recommend it, especially for middle school students and up. The discussions afterwards could be extremely interesting.

How would they have reacted if they were put in Inge's circumstance? Although I am well along in years, I read this story with my 15 year old heart.


I too fell in love with Walter. As for Inge, I'm not quite sure if she did the right thing or the wrong thing. The bottom line however is that none of this story should have happened in the first place. This is good book, especially since it tells the story of how a young Jewish girl went through the Holocaust and the suffering it caused her. You don't see many stories like this, most books written by survivors are written by adults. This one has the added twist of being written by Inge's nephew. I was also pleased that there was information about Inge when she moved to the United States. A very sad story in some ways, but a very compelling read.

It is well written and I had a problem putting it down.

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See all 19 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. The only known group photo of Inge and other children refugees--taken in Seyre, near Toulouse in Southern France, probably summer Inge is in the middle of the second from top row, slightly to left of woman standing. First, it is the story of a teenage Jewish girl and her struggle--external and internal--to survive the Holocaust.

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Second, it is the story of "the other Kindertransport" and the unusual community of children and adults it spawned. The Kindertransport of 10, Jewish children from Germany and Austria to England is now well known, but the smaller one of a few hundred to Belgium has never before been described The children who were sent to Belgium had an entirely different experience because their sanctuary was invaded by the Nazis, forcing the children into a chaotic journey to France to attempt escape. Inge sent the manuscript to a few book publishers, who rejected it, and she filed it away with old papers in the basement of her townhouse on Chicago's North Side, where it sat for more than thirty years.

It was discovered by her daughter, Julie, in , ten years after Inge's death.

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  5. Julie shared the manuscript with her cousin, Inge's nephew, David Gumpert, who determined to complete the manuscript. He researched Inge's story for more than ten years, interviewing individuals who were with her, reviewing letters she wrote as a teen to relatives, and studying journals and other documents.