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The Black Book

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Hans Akkermans Halina Reijn Gerben Kuipers Christian Berkel Wim Smaal - Notary Peter Blok Van Gein Michiel Huisman Tim Kuipers Frank Lammers Joop Johnny de Mol Edit Storyline Israel To fight the enemy, she must become one of them. Edit Details Official Sites: Netherlands Germany UK Belgium. Dutch German English Hebrew. Edit Did You Know? Trivia This was Paul Verhoeven 's first film in his native Netherlands in about 20 years after a very successful career in Hollywood.

Goofs The one half track to appear in the movie has the markings of a Gross Deutschland vehicle.

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This was an elite Werhmacht unit that was never in the Netherlands. Quotes Rachel Stein aka Ellis de Vries: It is their intention, that for the queen and my fatherland, I have hook up with a powerful SD'er Well you're on your own then. I can't help you with that. Connections Featured in De wereld draait door: Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why were there soldiers moving in to defend the kibbutz in the final scene? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

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  • Audible Download Audio Books. Wim Smaal - Notary. May 22, Monnie rated it it was amazing. Call me chastised for all the potshots I've taken at Patterson's works of late on second thought, check that - I meant what I said. Above all, call me happy that I ignored my previous rants and read this book.

    The title, as one might expect, refers to a missing "little black book" that didn't turn up after a raid and thorough search at a house of ill repute at which some of Chicago's finest are customers. Needless to say, the house madam ain't talking - and without it, find Call me flamboozled. Needless to say, the house madam ain't talking - and without it, finding even more high-level patrons including cops on the take and others who weren't present during the raid, may never be found.

    At the epicenter is police detective Billy Harney and his partner, detective Kate Fenton. Billy's sister Patti is a cop as well, their dad, Daniel, was chief of detectives, and dad's friend and Billy's beloved mentor heads up Internal Affairs, so clearly copness is a family affair. As the raid is analyzed, Billy insists he had every right to initiate it; but Amy Lentini, the beautiful assistant state's attorney, seems out to prove that it wasn't justifiable and therefore was illegal , thus putting the kabosh on potential prosecution of everyone captured.

    Chapters shift back and forth, with "past" chapters peeling away more clues to what really happened. Usually, I'm not fond of this technique - nor did I love it here. But it's actually done very well and helped keep me on the edge of my seat even though I guessed pretty much from the start who was behind everything. In fact, besides an intriguing, fast-moving story, my desire to find out if my guess was right it was and learn the how and why was a big part of what kept me going.

    All in all, it's a totally engrossing book. The Patterson-Ellis collaboration hasn't always produced such stellar efforts - I'm referring specifically to The Murder House and Mistress , to which I gave 4 and 3 stars, respectively - but this one hit the mark. View all 12 comments.

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    Apr 15, Scott rated it it was amazing Shelves: That almost borders on arrogance. Nice escapism, but nothing super memorable. Anyway, I put the self-promotional blurb to the test as I read the book. I really hate to say this, but guess what? This was one of the best books of his and his list of many co-authors that I have read in a long time. I enjoyed Cross Justice a lot two years ago, the first Private novel a lot, but this one brought me back to the intense moments of Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls.

    It is a detective story of Billy Harney, who survives a shooting with his girlfriend and partner while investigating corrupt government officials and police officers in Chicago. As expected in a Patterson story, the plot unfolds at a frenetic pace, being told in both current and flashback stages.

    I must say the characters were interesting and had more depth and personality than usual. What a payoff ending! Overall, this book was an absolute joy to read. Patterson is right — it is one of his best books. Apr 21, Bob rated it it was ok. The Publishers Weekly review of this book was very positive and concludes with the sentence, "Many readers will agree with Patterson that this is the 'best book he's written in 25 years.

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    • Much to my disappointment, my opinion of The Black Book was quite different from what I was hoping it would be. On the plus side, The Back Book is a very fast-paced, attention-holding, plot-driven thriller that has an above average amount of twists and turns. However, for me, these pluses were far outweighed by the following key negatives: Characters that were very so weakly developed that I could never get a good picture in my mind of what any of them physically looked like, nor could I get anything more than a tissue-paper thin understanding of their motivations for their actions.

      As such, I never came to care one way or the other about any of the characters. Several of the plot twists and turns intended to provide reader suspense too often seemed contrived and strained credulity, and Perhaps most disappointing to me is that I was able to figure out the so-called surprise ending of "who really did it and why" halfway through the book.

      Nonetheless, if my review provides some "food for thought" in helping decide if The Black Book is a book for you, I'll feel it's done its job. Apr 08, Dominique rated it it was amazing. This book was awesome! The best he's written in a long time.

      See a Problem?

      The ending had me totally shocked!!! View all 5 comments. Apr 03, Nicole rated it it was amazing. Dec 24, Sherri Thacker rated it really liked it Shelves: James Patterson does it again!! Had me guessing until the very end. James Patterson has again teamed up with David Ellis, offering a wonderful standalone thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their seats and up late into the night.

      While tailing a suspect, Harney makes the decision to raid a brownstone, which opens up a new and troublesome revelation; this is a brothel visited by the city's rich and powerful men. During the raid, a 'little black bo James Patterson has again teamed up with David Ellis, offering a wonderful standalone thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their seats and up late into the night. During the raid, a 'little black book' goes missing, with names that could bring even more of the rich and famous to their knees or serve as strong blackmail fodder. All eyes turn to Harney, who must try to clear his name, when it is presumed he pocketed it.

      As Fenton begins a power struggle with her partner, Harney must find out who is trying to frame him, adamant that he knows nothing of the book. With the case against the defendants caught in the raid fast approaching, Harney works with a hot-shot prosecutor, Amy Lentini, to ensure his testimony is flawless. Her icy exterior soon melts and she turns up the heat with Harney, which only clouds both their judgements.

      In a parallel narrative, set in the 'present', Harney is found naked, in bed with Lentini, while Detective Fenton lays on the floor. All three have been shot and the two women are dead, with Harney clinging to life and a bullet lodged in his skull. As the story continues, it appears Harney is being blamed for the murder, unable to remember anything from the past as it relates to the lead-up to the shooting or anything he may have learned about the black book.

      As the reader braces for an ever-evolving rollercoaster ride, the story takes twists and turns with everything centred around a list of names and the people will do anything to hold all the power. A powerful thriller that shows Patterson has the ability to rise to the occasion, with the right author at the helm. Highly recommended to any who enjoy losing themselves in quality writing.

      I have often said that James Patterson's writing has waned in the past few years, his lustre buried under many mediocre novels. However, when David Ellis comes to partner, their cooperation produces stellar writing and offers the reader a literary treat. While it may be a standalone, the novel offers an array of superior characters, wonderfully crafted to push the narrative forward without getting caught up in the minutiae. Working with the parallel narratives, Patterson and Ellis keep the reader guessing, while forcing a constant mental gear switch as the story develops, layering a revealed past with a present that is just as murky.

      If the reader can handle this mix, they are in for a punch to the gut during the numerous plot twists, which only adds the the overall flavour of the piece. Dark, but peppered with some dry humour to keep the reader smiling, Patterson and Ellis know the perfect recipe for a fast-paced thriller. Patterson and Ellis for joining forces again and showing that there is never an end to your abilities. I know I am in for a treat when your names grace the cover and hope to see more of your collaborative efforts soon. An ever-growing collection of others appears at: View all 10 comments.

      Jun 03, Chloe rated it really liked it. Detective Billy Harney uncovers a prostitution ring by accident while following a murder suspect. A lot of powerful ,prominent people are caught in the brothel but the black ledger goes missing and people are looking for it. Meanwhile Billy is caught in a scandal of his own which leave the assistant district attorney and his partner dead. By far one of my favorite James Patterson book after a long time. A fast enjoyable read with lots of twists and turns and a surprise ending that I didn't see com Detective Billy Harney uncovers a prostitution ring by accident while following a murder suspect.

      A fast enjoyable read with lots of twists and turns and a surprise ending that I didn't see coming. The time alternations kept it unique. A real page turner that I devoured in one day! This one was by far the best one of them all. I honestly had no idea who was the crooked cop and it was great to finally read a book and not have already guessed the ending. I've truly enjoyed this book. It's exciting, full of action, murder, deceit, dirty cops and ambition. This story had me leaning towards the sister committing the crime but it was someone else and they showed no remorse once figured out.

      Families is the bond that should never be broken but as we see in this society, family can destroy you or make you stronger. Billy Harney found out the hard way about family, friends and life. He finds himself on trial for quadruple murder. The only thing is he w I've truly enjoyed this book. The only thing is he was shot in the head and left for dead but survived and can't remember what happen that fateful evening until another traumatic event occurs now the truth hits him like a stick of dynamite and the truth will diminish some and destroy othets.

      May 01, Tim rated it did not like it. Finally, I give up trying to find a good story by the Patterson brand. I will take my friend Terence's advice and dispense with Patterson in the foreseeable future. The stories all tend to be variations of the same dull, uninteresting, boring, anticlimactic and The mystery and the characters were well developed and the story was fast paced.

      The ending was surprising and worth waiting for. Apr 07, Sheila rated it liked it. Bad cops, bad memory and bad decisions. Apr 19, Michelle rated it it was amazing.

      First Patterson book I've read in awhile. Love when he teams up with David Ellis! Apr 09, Michael Travis rated it liked it. Follows the recipe - Patterson keeps cranking them out. Easy read, but not memorable. May 26, Jeffrey Ward rated it it was ok. It starts out very good, but it quickly derails. I do not care for this book, and I do not think it is just because I dislike Chicago. At times, it seems as though the authors are just trying to play to male fantasies.

      This is not the first book in which Patterson does this, and it did not bother me as much as the book's absurdity. I write "absurdity" because there are several instances in which Patterson and Ellis are unsuccessful at getting me to suspend disbelief.

      Black Book () - IMDb

      Here are eight of them: I have seen the women he dates. Maybe this book should be in the humor section. I know the last three are vague, but I don't want to spoil anything. Apr 20, Sandy Kell rated it really liked it. I'm not very familiar with Patterson's books, but I do know that if David Ellis is involved, it's going to be good! May 18, Melissa rated it really liked it.

      One of the best ones he has a written in a long time. I liked that this one kept me guessing and didn't give up too many clues right in the beginning. Apr 09, Freda Malone rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Harney twins, Willy and Patti, both 'family generation' cops, are thrown into a conspiracy involving a brothel, highly political officials, and a zealous reporter who just doesn't know when to quit.

      Bodies are dropping, secrets are slowly being revealed, and everyone is confused. Until it takes a bullet to the head, for Willy to give us this explosive solve that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I couldn't put this book down. I had my hunches, I had my theories, I had my suspici The Harney twins, Willy and Patti, both 'family generation' cops, are thrown into a conspiracy involving a brothel, highly political officials, and a zealous reporter who just doesn't know when to quit.

      I had my hunches, I had my theories, I had my suspicions, but very little prepared me for the ending. Twisted, epic and maddening! I loved the ending! I enjoy James Patterson's novels, when he takes the time to write a good one. Some I enjoyed, some I didn't but it wouldn't be intriguing if I didn't at least pick it up.

      This is a good one. Apr 03, Paula James rated it really liked it. I usually don't read James Patterson but I love the author David Ellis who wrote with him on this book. It is a great book full of suspense and I hope it might be a series! May 15, Darlene rated it it was amazing. Who did the most writing in this? My guess is Mr Ellis, but we'll never know. Through the combined writing of the two authors the book is amazing. Who is the corrupt cop?