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Tom Guiry as Scotty Smalls. A lot of my friends call me Smalls, I go by it. Even though he played a total nerd in the film, he was completely different in real life according to Tom Guiry.

The Sandlot Kids: Things you never knew

Squints aka Chauncey Leopardi last year. The scene that took forever: It must have been difficult to work with kids. Remember when Scotty Smalls freed the huge dog aka The Beast aka Hercules from under the fallen fence? The young lad is thanked by the dog with some very vigorous face-licking.

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That dog had a field day on my face. Hercules was an English Mastiff. Tom Guiry who played Scotty Smalls is still acting as well as working in a hospital. Crime Scene Investigation and Bones. Add to library Discussion 70 Browse more Romance Fanfiction. She wasn't like most girls. No, she was different.


The eight of us were her brothers, the family she never had. Yeah-Yeah was her best friend, and the first time I saw them, I assumed they were a couple.

With Benny by her side, they could rip the stadium to shreds. And being the first person to There was a new girl in the Valley. She loved baseball, and she was extremely good at it. Well, she was known as Chili because of her red hair and spicy attitude. She could throw a killer fastball and could knock a ball out of the park. Add to library Discussion 47 Browse more Romance Fanfiction.

Sandlot Stories

It was the summer of Natalie Smalls just moved into a new house with her new mother, her father Bill, and her new stepbrother Scott. Moving into a new state meant having to make new friends, which wasn't easy when you only have two weeks until summer vacation. Natalie is known as being the Add to library 39 Discussion 9 Browse more Fanfiction.

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  8. Lauren Santorelli was a normal twelve year old girl, until her and her family moved to The Valley and her brother got hit with a baseball. Now she has to deal with boys with weird nicknames, an obnoxious brother and baseball. Add to library 41 Discussion 1 Browse more Fanfiction Romance. Eliza has been living in the Valley for two years now.

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    She has two best friends. Eliza has always been like the duff of her two friends. She has always had a crush on Benny Rodriguez.

    Legends Never Die: The Sandlot Story

    What happens when girls like her don't get the gu Add to library Discussion 45 Browse more Fanfiction Romance. She's a firecracker, she wouldn't let anyone tell her no. Maybe that's why Benny liked her, cause in a way, they were alike.

    Add to library Discussion 31 Browse more Romance Fanfiction. She's got the looks, the charisma and the money. All the girls envy her and all the guys want her. Except baseball star, Benny Rodriguez. Little do they know that everything is not what it seems Add to library Discussion 50 Browse more Romance Fanfiction. Back in the olden days, she was the talk of the town.

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    There was not one single day that went by without someone mentioning her. She was unique, and that's what made her beautiful. That's what made her perfect. Even on those days when all of my memories of her are foggy around the edges, and Add to library 52 Discussion 24 Browse more Action Romance. New girl, drama, love. That's all there is to it.

    Life is a whirlwind of events; get used to it.