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The Origin of Santa Claus

Santa Claus & Christmas Fun!

The Eden Project goes all out for Christmas, with shimmering trees and an ice rink, while their Santa experience is thoughtfully creative and imaginative: The pale Christmas-cake-architecture of the Georgian mansion of Saltram is surrounded by tranquil gardens, that this season will be illuminated with a colourful rainbow of lights. You can turn a frosty evening into a sparkling one, exploring its trails that are punctuated by familiar fairy-tale characters.

Book in to see Santa and all mini-miners will receive a gift. The National Trust area of Kinver Edge is an extraordinary place, a heathland and forested escarpment where a copper and gold-streaked rockface has tiny houses carved directly into its base — they look like they were intended for elves whatever the season. Father Christmas himself, who will be doling out gifts alongside a good dollop of cheer. Join the excited search for Santa through the fascinating Black Country Museum , with festive costumed guides to help along the way. Children aged will get a Christmas gift, while older visitors will have to settle for mince pies and mulled wine.

Visitors will explore the hills, following a Christmassy treasure-hunt-like trail, before wending their way through the trees. LaplandUK has been peddling this formula for some time, but I found its appeal elusive. The pleasant collection of wooden houses surrounds a skating rink, with cheerful Christmas music wafting over the crowds. It certainly looks the part. Using a small gliding penguin as a balancing aid, Henry and I took a few turns around the rink before setting off to explore the rest of the village.

Ok, ok, I was just being a grumpy elf. There are 1 more weeks to December 25th, ! How do elves countdown to Christmas?

But if YOU want to countdown to Christmas, there are 8 days to go. That big Countdown clock up there? The one that says 10, minutes left? How many sleeps till Christmas? If you don't include all of Santa's naps, there are 8 more sleeps before Christmas!

And how many Saturdays till Christmas? Why does everyone want to know how many Saturdays till Christmas?

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Why doesn't anybody want to know how many Fridays till Christmas? What's wrong with Fridays? What day is days before Christmas? Oh, sure, give me a tough question! Let's see, days before Christmas is subtract from December, carry the I'll bet you didn't think I could figure that one out did you! Oh great, now someone will want to know 99 days until Christmas is September! What about a Christmas Calendar?

You mean one of those Advent Calendars?

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Of course there's a Christmas Calendar right here. But don't blame me if someone ate all the chocolates! When is Christmas Eve ? Christmas Eve is December 24th, What? I'm a grumpy elf! Did you really think I was going to tell you it was 7 days away? How many more days til Santa comes? When does Santa Claus come?

Father Christmas

When will Santa Claus be here? Oh, that's Top Secret! I have to check to see if you're on the Nice List first. Then I can tell you the answer to when Santa Claus comes to your home is 8 days Oops!

How Many Days Until Christmas 2018?

I wasn't supposed to say that! How many minutes to Merry Christmas?

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  8. But, officially, I guess it's 10, minutes to when you can say "Merry Christmas", officially. Is that official enough for you? What day of the week will Christmas be on in ? I'm a grumpy elf but I'd still like that! Ok, ok, you want to know what day will Christmas fall on this year. Well, Christmas falls on a Tuesday.

    Now I'll bet you're going to ask what day does Christmas fall on in ! How many hours and minutes until Christmas ? You want to know how many hours and minutes until Christmas ? I don't know if I want to tell you it's hours until Christmas because then you'd be a grumpy elf like me! You don't even want to know it's 10, minutes until Christmas !

    If you did, I think you'd just want to cry in your eggnog! What are some other questions kids ask elves? Now you are asking me questions about questions! Well, you asked so here they are. I get asked about: You didn't think I was going to answer them all too, did you? Now leave me alone. I'm still grumpy because it's , seconds to The Big Day!

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    The fixed times shown aren't necessarily for Christmas' arrival where you live the ticker timer clock shows that but rather how long until the first time zone on the planet reaches December 25th. If the time in the countdown ticker seems off, please check your computer's date and time and see the Note above. Christmas Knock Knock Jokes!